With 543 entries, check out these hilarious Who Dat punchlines in Walt Handelsman's latest Cartoon Caption Contest!!

Marching In?

Touchdown!!! We scored 543 entries in this week’s Cartoon Caption Contest!! And, honestly, you folks sent in some of the funniest responses of the year on this one! From drinking jokes to gas problems, these were really clever, and many were outright belly laughs… Including this week’s winner. Great job my fellow Who Dats!!!

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we pick the earliest sent in.

Here are your winner and finalist!!


Brian Lambert, Baton Rouge: (Punch line lettered into word balloon)


Charles Theaux, Ponchatoula: “Since we’re the only two fans allowed in the dome, I’ll yell ‘WHO’ and you yell ‘DAT’.”

John Perrone III, New Orleans: “Could be worse…. We could have blown a 25 point lead in the Superbowl!!”

Sterling Millet, Metairie: “It’s gonna be somethin’ going through security with all this!”

Jerry Boyer, Metairie: “I hope those cardboard fans are not still sitting in our seats.”

Warren Bayer, Covington: “So, how does the bathroom thing work again?”

Nick Sagona, Hahnville: “Covid-19 safe, are you kiddin’ me? We got enough PPE on to be safe playing for the Saints today.”

Russell R. Barcelona, Baton Rouge: “I believe my recliner is looking better by the minute.”

Mariano Hinojosa, Baton Rouge: “Look on the bright side, there won’t be any embarrassing ‘Kissing Cam’ moments.”

Karen Poirrier, Lutcher: “Wait, Mabel!!! These tickets say September 14th, 2021!!!”

Bonnie Boyer, Metairie: “You think Drew will recognize me without my Pope hat? It couldn’t fit under my helmet.”

Jeff Asher, New Orleans: “If only these protected us from bad officiating.”

Howard W. Streiffer, Metairie: “And just think – we’re just the cheerleaders!”

Don Randon, Gretna: “You’re telling me we have to drink Tang instead of beer!”

David Delgado, New Orleans: “They’ll never guess we’re Martians!”

Kerry Manint, New Orleans: “Do ya think my can of Lysol will set off the metal detectors?”

Paul R. Kyle, Prairieville: “Only in New Orleans would wearing masks and costumes feel normal for an NFL game.”

Kirk Guidry, Baton Rouge: “I don’t know about you but I think the paper bags were more comfortable.”

Edward P. Cohn, Metairie: “It took US longer to suit up than the players!”

Helene Gregorich, Mandeville: “I wonder what Whistle Monster is wearing?”

Mark Embree, Metairie: “Without a zipper, I’m thinking we better cut back on our brewskis today.”

Michael Coleman, New Orleans: “Now this is what I call a prevent defense.”

George Fuhrman, Metairie: “We’ve got two tickets in the bubble. Of course, it’s BYOB. Bring your own bubble.”

Mike Patterson, Baton Rouge: “Open the pod bay doors, Hal.”

Jim Ehrlicher, Baton Rouge: “muffled…. muffled…. muffled. MUFFLED!”

John E. Galloway, Kenner: “I think we’ll win if our receivers can socially distance from their defense.”


Wendy King, New Orleans: “Are the seats wide enough?”

Ron Riley, Baton Rouge: “Remind me, no chili on my hot dog. It gives me gas.”

Scott Tredwell, Advance, NC: “They’ll use recalibrated first-down chains to insure six feet social distancing.”

Lana Rousseau, St. James: “Just another day of WHO DATS ‘SUITING UP’ to SUPPORT our SAINTS!!”

Larry Grundmann, Metairie: “See, I told you it was a spaceship.”

Barry Ogden, Gretna: “Only a few fans, huh! Just like it was 30 years ago.”

Jesse Jones, Age 12, Port Allen: “How do you think the new social-distance tackling rule is going to work?”

Philip Rivet, Baton Rouge: “I yearn for the good old days, when only the players had to wear helmets and protective gear!”

Mike Whatley, Cedar Park, TX: “One small step for a fan; one giant leap for fan-kind.”

Bob Martin, Covington: “This flyer says that the game will last at least four hours because the football has to be wiped off after each play.”

Joel d’Aquin Thibodeaux, Baton Rouge: “It’s not all bad… we can wear these suits to the voting booth in November, too!”

You Dat, Folks! Be well -- Walt

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