Bridges in our area have weathered tropical storm and hurricane winds in excess of 35 mph. On this date in 1940, residents of Tacoma, Wash., were stunned following the opening of a new bridge. On Nov. 7, 30 to 35 mph winds caused the Narrows Bridge in Tacoma to vibrate excessively. Moments later, it collapsed into Puget Sound. As noted in a previous anniversary column, the collapsed span was called Galloping Gertie, entering the engineering Hall of Shame. It was the start of the meteorological field of wind engineering. Now, meteorologists specializing in winds collaborate with structural and civil engineers in the construction of high-rise buildings, sports stadiums, bridges and other structures. “Wind-proofing” of coastal residences continues to save billions of dollars when storms hit. Fastcast: Beautiful.

Partly sunny, with a high near 80. Easterly winds around 10 mph. Tonight, mostly cloudy with a low around 61. Easterly winds around 10 mph.