Walt Handelsman: Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

Heisman Time!

We had 566 trophy-winning entries in this week’s college football caption contest!

Lots of people used Louisiana’s favorite spelling trick, if you kneaux what I mean. We had several clever Christmas song adaptations. And our winner threw it in a completely different direction for the touchdown!       

As always when we have duplicate entries (and we do every time) we pick the earliest sent in and best worded for the cartoon image.

Great job, everyone!!


Lisa Williford, New Orleans: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Larry Aycock, Lafayette: “JEAUX, JEAUX, JEAUX, MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Marta Giarrusso, New Orleans: “♪Give it to Joe! Give it to Joe! Give it to Joe!♪ ”

Curtis Cary, Baton Rouge: “It’s time to replace Joe Burrow’s Elf on the Shelf with me.”

Tony Onellion, Slidell: “Forget Rudolph! Let JOE guide your sleigh tonight!”

Thomas J. Mackey, Baton Rouge: “♪Jambalaya, crawfish pie, filet gumbo! Son of a gun, Heisman fun on the bayou! ♪”

Suzanne Little, Metairie: “Santa, with your size and upper body strength, you might make a great offensive guard.”

Jeffrey Hotard, Baton Rouge: “I guess this year I’ll be known as the Heisman Treauxphy!”

Claire Marie Tate, Greenwell Springs: “♪On the first day of Christmas the Tigers gave to me, the greatest QB in history! ♪”

Charlie Marshall, Metairie: “All I want is a place on Joe Burrow’s mantle, and stiff-arm lessons from Shy Tuttle.”

Lisa Haydel, Thibodaux: “Forget about milk and cookies. Let’s get some Joe!!”

Jay Dardenne, Baton Rouge: “Lighten your load, Santa, just drop me in Baton Rouge.”

Mark Romig, New Orleans: “Santa, do you know how to get to Joe Burrow’s chimney?”

Madison Roy, Greenwell Springs: “♪When he throws, ain’t it thrilling. Though the opponents, aren’t chilling. They tackle and play, the Joe Burrow way, scoring points in Tiger Stadium. ♪”

Geaux Tigers! – Walt

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