Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!


We had 236 entries in this week’s caption contest. You folks were buzzing with creativity! I imagine you sitting in your houses, punchline pens in hand-- with the outside lights turned off to keep the swarms away!! These were very funny!

(As always, when we have duplicate entries we pick the earliest sent in.)

Here are this week’s winner and finalists.


Stuart G. Clark, Lafayette (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Kent Riddle, Denham Springs: “I don’t care how bad it gets Marge, we are NOT moving in with your mother!”

Ned Goldberg, Metairie: “Global Swarming!”

Robert Saloom, Baton Rouge: “You fellas are way too late… Our kids have already eaten us out of house and home!”

Rodney Ratliff, Mandeville: “The bugs are back in town!!”

Mary Thompson, Baton Rouge: “Well, you did say you wanted an open floor plan!”

David Brown, Auburn, AL: "Don’t worry. They are like the Legislature. They create chaos for a while and then they are gone for a year."

Michael S. Weinberg, Destrehan: “Look Hon; there’s almost as many of them as Democrats running for President!”

Fred Reynolds, Kenner: “Did you pay the last pest control bill?!”

David Delgado, New Orleans: “Remember the movie, The Birds?”

Jay Fox, Madisonville: “The only thing holding it up are the roaches!”

Great job, everyone! -- Walt

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