Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

Ask Roger!

We had 276 entries in this week’s caption contest! Obviously, this topic still generates a lot of heat among the devoted members of Who-Dat Nation! Some entries were funny, some were angry, some were quirky, all were creative and hopefully helped you blow off steam. Nice job!

(As always, when we have duplicate entries, we pick the earliest sent in.)

Here are this week’s winner and finalists.


Lawrence Uter, Lafayette: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


James J. Papia, Metairie: “Before we get started, would you like to wipe the egg off of your face?”

Dak McInnis, Baton Rouge: “If the penalty flag fits… The Commissioner quits!!!”

Stephen R. Barry, New Orleans: “Have you seen this before, sir? It was hidden at the scene of the crime.”

Jim deMontluzin, Kenner: “Is this a penalty flag or a blindfold, Mr. Goodell?”

Mark B. Hebert, Baton Rouge: “What if I told you we found your fingerprints all over this?”

Pete Chessher, Marrero: “What do you think this yellow hanky is for? Second lining?!!!”

Joseph Curcuru, Kenner: “Of course it’s clean, it was never used!”

Fred Watson, Metairie: “Wouldn’t you say that this is the same color as the streak down your back?”

Jay Dardenne, Baton Rouge: “So you’re asking this honorable court to believe you over 650 million lying eyes?”

Alan Karr, Baton Rouge: “Mr. Goodell, what we have he’ah is a fail’yah to communicate!”

Andy Gautreaux, Prairieville: “Is it possible that you had the refs and their flags in your pocket, sir?”

Jim Currie, Covington: “Do you believe this yellow rag is better used to clean up a mess or create one?”

Tony Onellion, Slidell: “Maybe it’s time for you to throw in the white flag, Mr. Commissioner.”

Ronnie Melancon, Gretna: “Mr. Goodell, do you recognize this weapon that killed the dreams of thousands of Saints fans?”

Brother Paul Montero, Baton Rouge: “Was this or was this not sewn into his pocket?”

Vince Caruso, Marrero: “This is Exhibit A, which was NOT at the scene of the crime!”

Russ Gaudin, Baton Rouge: “So it’s your position then that this ‘yellow thing’ is just for blowing your nose?”

Terrific job, folks! -- Walt

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