This November, an extreme and immoral anti-abortion amendment — Amendment 1 — will be on Louisiana’s state ballot, but many voters are unaware of how harmful this amendment would be to our community.

I’ve watched anti-abortion politicians co-opt the language of faith to try to push their politics on others and to shame, stigmatize, and punish people who have abortions.

As a minister for more than three decades, I am guided by God’s commandment to love my neighbors and my commitment to live compassionately using God’s gift of free will to make the best decisions for myself — and to protect others’ right to do the same. Following my faith means respecting the dignity of all Louisianans and fighting for their right to make their own decisions around whether to continue a pregnancy and grow their family.

I’m not alone in this belief: the majority of Americans, across all faiths, support the legal right to abortion. It is because of my faith that I urge Louisianans to vote against Amendment 1 and honor the autonomy of our neighbors to make the decisions that are best for their families.


priest, Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana

New Orleans