Walt Handelsman: New Caption Contest winners!

Politics! Politics! Politics!

Wow! Louisiana loves politics and it really showed here. We had 264 entries in the caption contest this time. With hilarious punch lines ranging from sausage making to cans of worms. All great stuff!!

The winner and finalists are:


Tom Wesner, Metairie  (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Tom DiNapoli, Baton Rouge: “HEY! IT’S NOT HALLOWED, IT’S HOLLOW!”

Jim Butler, Harvey: “It’s like watching sausage made, except nobody likes the product!”

Jimmy Burland, Baton Rouge: “Talk about opening your proverbial ‘can of worms’!”

Johnell Theriot, St. Martinville: “Now we have proof that Congress is unhinged.”

Mark Marley, New Orleans: “It’s as empty as their rhetoric!”

Tom Quinn, Mandeville: “YOU WERE RIGHT…… IT ‘S A BOTTOMLESS PIT!!”

 Great job, Everyone!

~ Walt


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