Heat relief will come to the Northeast sections of the country Tuesday as they rewind to the 80s. We rewind to one week ago, when 3,100 heat records were reported for the month of June, with 48 states above 90 degrees and 22 heat-related deaths. Climatologists have already pegged July as the hottest since 2008. Three-fourths of the country remains in drought, and the Waldo Canyon wildfire consumed 350 homes. A week’s worth of power outages from Maryland to D.C. changed on Friday as power grids were slowly put back online. Sections of buckled interstates have lessened. Noting Friday, 500 storms in the Midwest caused six deaths in Chicago; and the weekend will find the heat index in Cincinnati at 96 and 110 in D.C., and severe storms in the Great Lakes. Fastcast: Thundery