Earlier this month I got a letter from Larry McCaleb telling of the July 10 birthday he shares with his wife Lydia:

“We met many moons ago as a friend and I were walking through the lobby of a residence hall at Southern University. … I saw this pretty little girl with the most beautiful smile!

“After months of meeting and talking we discovered we had something special in common: birthdays on July 10. …

“In 1973, I was drum major of Southern University’s marching band. Although everyone was watching me, my eyes stayed on that pretty little girl. …

“After two years (an eternity by today’s standards!) I just HAD to put this queen in my life. And 38 years later I am still crazy in love with Lydia and grateful for our son Derrick.”

He goes on to tell of their ministry work at Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church, and their love of horses that lead them to their rewarding work with special needs children.

Larry ends his letter: “Mr. Anders, I just had to write these thoughts to you. Hopefully, I will one day have the courage to share them with my beautiful wife.”

Annette L Yancy, who forwarded Larry’s letter to me, says he did get up the courage to give the letter to Lydia, after having it printed on nice paper:

“She was thrilled.”

True brew at LSU

Michael J. DeFelice, of Zachary, says, regarding LSU’s plan to brew beer, that it will not be the first time beer has been brewed on campus.

“In the 1960s, Russell Lasseigne, of Thibodaux, and I secured a three-man dorm room by encouraging a friend to apply with us, then drop out at the last minute.

“The extra space allowed Russell to embark on a hobby of beer brewing.

“Part of our room was soon filled with large bottles of fermented fruit and other items, connected by plastic tubing.

“The result was something that only a financially challenged college student would drink in an effort to temporarily escape the rigors of an academic life.”

Close call

John LaCarna says our reader’s denial that he drank the water in his finger bowl “reminds me of the time years back when my wife and I vacationed in Nice.

“In one of the restaurants the waiter brought us a small crystal finger bowl with ice and a twist of lemon.

“For starters, I had ordered a gin and tonic. Good thing I like mine with lime.”

Eating regionally

“Fighting Okra Alum” (referring to the unofficial mascot of Delta State University in Cleveland, Miss.) says his brother in Jackson, Miss., loves Fat Tuesday’s restaurant, run by John and Needa Thames from New Roads:

“They do a wonderful gumbo among other items.”

Still, he says, “when I am in different parts of the country, even in my nearby home state of Mississippi, I like to eat that region’s delicacies.

“Why in the world would someone go somewhere else and want to eat the same thing they eat at home?

“This country is full of great food. If you watch shows like Food Network’s ‘Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins’ you’ll see that this is a fact.”

Thank-you note

The quilt-making ladies in the Piecemakers at Live Oak United Methodist Church thank all who contributed material, machines and frames to them.

In a July 10 Advocate story, Carol Anne Blitzer told of the ladies’ need for supplies.

The quilts they make go to veterans’ homes, children’s homes and hospitals, homeless missions and hospices.

To help, call the church at (225) 664-4801.

Special People Dept.

• Doris J. and Robert B. Williams celebrate their 69th anniversary Tuesday.

• J.C. and Billie Petit, of Sorrento, celebrated their 60th anniversary Sunday.

• Christine and Deacon Norman Christophe celebrated their 54th anniversary July 20.

Thought for the Day

From James R. Madden: “In this era of downsizing, shrinking budgets, deficit reduction and so on, we should keep in mind the following:

“If one really could always ‘do more with less,’ then one would eventually be able to ‘do everything with nothing.’ ”

No big deal

Patricia Oates says, regarding our seminar on streaking:

“I recall in my tender youth (I was 15 the summer of ’55) seeing a group of teen boys at a local watering hole (not the ‘spirits’ type of watering hole, Smiley, but one on the Amite).

“They thought they were safe from curious eyes.

“My comment — there was not much to streak of.”