One of the things we love about children is their ability to find fun in the most ordinary items.

Algie Petrere offers an example:

“Our 4-year-old great-grandson John and I played in the hot tub for about an hour and a half.

“We played with Superman, Batman and all the other super-heroes; there was Joker, the Penguin and all the villains.

“We had airplanes, boats, submarines and rockets, among other things.

“Before you think that we didn’t have room for the water, you should know that the only ‘toys’ we actually had in the tub with us were four empty margarine containers and a plastic funnel.

“All of the characters were strictly from his imagination.

“I loved it!”

Rough translation

Sometimes at a restaurant you can learn all you need to know about a dish by its name.

Ed Wynne Jr., of Lafayette, says, “My wife and I were in northeast Arkansas to fish.

“We went to the 178 Club in Bull Shoals (the only real restaurant for 30 miles), and on the eraser board as two of the specials were ‘crawfish a-too-fay’ and ‘bang bang shrimp’.”

So how was that burger, Ed?

Fellow legionnaires?

Gig Grimes says our mention of Kolb’s restaurant brought memories of growing up in New Orleans:

“One of my family’s favorite restaurants was Kolb’s. My sister and I loved playing the ‘hurdy-gurdy,’ a cross between a player piano and an accordion that you had to crank.

“One night after seeing ‘The Music Man’ at the Civic Theater, we were dining at Kolb’s and my dad got caught in one of his many tall tales.

“He had assured us that he had served in the French Foreign Legion with Forrest Tucker, the star of the show.

“Imagine his surprise when Mr. Tucker and his entourage came in and sat at the table next to us.

“I do not know what my Dad said when he went to Mr. Tucker’s table, but Mr. Tucker graciously came to our table, shook our hands and gave us his autograph.

“Maybe he and my dad did serve in the Legion together … you think?”

Grin and bare it

A Mississippi lady disagrees with our reader’s earlier contention that we don’t have any good novelty songs like “The Thing” anymore:

“I believe the songs come and go with the changing times.

“We just last year had ‘Pants on the Ground.’ ”

A welcome push

Roy Miller thanks a clerk and another employee of the Po-Boy Express on Range Avenue in Denham Springs for pushing his truck out of the drive-through lane after his engine died there.

On the positive side, Roy says he did get his po-boy.

Calling cooks

Jambalaya cooks are invited to take part in the 12th Annual Jambalaya Cooking Contest July 15-16 at the Swamp Pop Music Festival in Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales.

A meeting of interested teams will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the expo center’s Big Sky Café.

The cook-off benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Visit or call Willy Taillon at (225) 806-5759.

Cute pooch alert

Your dog can compete for a spot on the American Cancer Society’s “Pooches & Pups of Baton Rouge” calendar.

Send a photo of your pup with a $20 fee to the Cancer Society, 10528 Kentshire Court, Baton Rouge, LA 70810. Entries must be postmarked by Friday and received by July 15.

Call Clara Carruth at (225) 767-4556 or e-mail clara.carruth@cancer. org.

Special People Dept.

• Enola Sanchez celebrates her 96th birthday Thursday.

• Billie Smith celebrates her 94th birthday Thursday.

Grand opening

Elwyn Bocz, of Gramercy, says he saw this while riding his bicycle around Lutcher and Gramercy.

A guy walked up to a stop sign with a bottle of beer in his hand.

He used the top of the sign to open his beer.

Elwyn asks, “Is this Cajun ingenuity or what?”

What’s the rush?

Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonville, says, “My friend J.B. Castagnos and I were discussing bumper stickers when J.B. said after being tailgated on his way to work he couldn’t help but think of a good quote for a bumper sticker.

“He said it could read, ‘If you are reading this, you should have left earlier.’ ”