Walt Handelsman: Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

Spring has Sprung!

We had 161 entries in this week’s caption contest and this was a tough one! We had all kinds of punch lines about butterflies, caterpillars, love, dating, even cosmetic surgery. Really funny stuff, folks!

(As always, when we have duplicate entries we pick the earliest sent in.)

Here are this week’s winner and finalists.


Reggie Seay, Kenner (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Eileen Turowski Taylor, Walker: "Quit flirting. She is just way too flighty."

Fred Foti, St. Martinville: “I can’t wait till I grow me a pair!!”

Nina Broyles Fleshman, Baton Rouge: “What does he have that I don’t?”

Christine Crow, Gonzales: “Snap out of it already!! He’s a flight risk!!

Shirley Hutson, Kenner: “She’s too old for you!”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette: “Hey, go date someone your own stage.”

Bill Reed, Broussard: “See what can happen to you if you eat your vegetables!”

Stacey Messina, Baton Rouge: “HE’S HAD WORK DONE!”


Nice job, everyone! -- Walt

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