Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Winners!

Elections and Pilgrims and Turkeys, Oh, my!

This week we had 177 entries in the caption contest. From stuffed ballot boxes to vegetarian delights, these were clever and quite funny! Nice Job!

The winner and finalists are:


Rob Clemenz, New Orleans (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Bill Reed, Broussard: “I’m guessing we’re gonna cancel each other’s vote.”

Steve Slavich, Baton Rouge: “I bet I’m not the biggest turkey you’ve seen today!”

Sam Fradella, Metairie: “What do you mean, “Presidential Pardons for Turkeys” is off the ballot!”

David Ourso, St. Amant: “I better vote now, I may not make it for the runoff.”

John A. Hanley, Baton Rouge: “Power to the Poultry!”

Rob Huffman, Fredericksburg, VA: “Is there a vegetarian choice?”

Robert  M. Steeg, New Orleans: “My favorite holiday tradition. Stuff the ballot boxes instead of me!”

Well done, folks!!! ~ Walt

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