Check out the WINNER and finalists in Walt Handelsman's FINAL Cartoon Caption Contest of 2021!!

Bayou Santa

We received 917 entries in this final Cartoon Caption Contest of 2021. There were so many funny punchlines in this bunch to choose from. It was like unwrapping endless gifts!!

A big thank you to all who entered in 2021. We had an astounding 14,986 captions sent in this year!! We will be posting a full page of ALL the 2021 winners in the paper on Monday, December 27th.

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we pick the earliest sent in.

Here are your winner and finalists. Great job, everyone!


Rob Davis, Lafayette: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, CO: “This is where Frosty had his meltdown.”

Jay F. Fox, Madisonville: “Remember, Santa, now that we’re here, it’s HEAUX, HEAUX, HEAUX!”

Hannah Champagne, Baton Rouge: “Wow, look, Santa! I’ve never seen a log that could swim before!”

Sophia Guillory, Port Allen: “You’re gonna need a pirogue.”

Maddie Doran, Albuquerque, NM: “Be grateful we have a sleigh cause you do not want to drive on the roads here.”

Frances Purgerson, Baton Rouge: “The humidity tells us we are headed in the right direction!”

Natalie Le Blanc, Harvey: “You’re not lost, Santa, just follow the fires on the levee.”

Mary Miley, Metairie: “Hey, Santa, let’s stop here and grab some boudin!”

Polly A. Johnson, Arrington, VA: “Hold on, the Cajun Navy is here to help!”

Justin B. Wilson, Baton Rouge: “Look, his boots are white and his sleigh has a big fan.”

Jennifer Marciano, Stamford, CT: “A Waffle House! We’re saved!”

Eli and Ezra LaSalle (Ages 8 and 7), New Iberia: “If we go dis way, we’ll find the Ragin’ Cajuns!”

John F. Shreves, New Orleans: “Put away that map, Santa. In Louisiana you go with the flow.”

Joseph Guidry, Lafayette: “Could we stop at Cracker Barrel? I could use a bite.”

Christina Gerarve, New Orleans: “It’s okay, Santa. Everyone feels a bit lost these days. I’ll guide the way.”

Dave Snyder, Baton Rouge: “I think I know where we are. That has to be Interstate 10. The traffic hasn’t moved in hours!”

Emmett Murphy (Age 10), Baton Rouge: “I told you this shortcut would work!”

Ben Stevens, Denham Springs: “Look, Santa! That sign ahead says ‘No Wake’, so at least everyone should be sleeping.”

Jerry Bonvillian, Jr., Lockport: “Hey, I told you we should have invested in a GPS.”

Lawanna Lavigne, Denham Springs: “I heard these people were nice, look, they left corn out for me!!!!”

Bob Bogan, III, Baton Rouge: “I told you the other reindeer were still stuck in bridge traffic!”

Ken Hickman, New Orleans: “And I thought trying to land on top of St. Louis Cathedral was rough.”

Karen Gately, Metairie: “Quick go that way before the Rougarou finds us.”

Miles Murphy, (Age 7), Baton Rouge: “Santa, please deliver the presents to the alligators!”

Rebecca Stein, New Orleans: “Toss the map, I smell gumbo!”

Marcia Koch Garcia, Gretna: “My cousin ROUXdolph lives over there!!”

Anne LeJeune, Livonia: “When we get to Baton Rouge – we gonna go under that bridge – it will be much faster than going over it.”

Jim Bailey, Baton Rouge: “Let’s stick with the bayou for deliveries, Santa. The roads here are impassable!”

Mark T. Loupe, Praireville: “Look, Santa, there’s three alligators resting, two turtles floating and a turkey in a cypress tree!”

Nicely played, folks!

Best wishes---Walt

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