Pat Shingleton’s Weather News Saturday, December 15, 2012

To complete the Christmas assignments, Mom got the kids “out of the house.” Sled riding and snow-football were options; however, a freezing rain-snow-mix meant indoor boredom. When I was eight-years-old and my little brother Kevin was five, we found plenty of things-to-do. Playing “cars,” Lincoln logs or the Erector Set were options. Looking out the window sometimes found a fight or an arrest across the street at the Kennard’s house. Circular streamers were used to decorate the Christmas trees. Today they resemble a “crepe paper lei” and noticing a garland streamer, dangling from the tree, I tied it to Kevin’s ankle. From an adjacent room I yelled, “Yo, Kev, Santa brought us an early gift, a puppy!” He barreled after me dragging a decorated ten-foot tree. Fastcast: Warmer


TODAY: Foggy Start (Cloudy Icon) 73/62

SUNDAY: Showery (Rain Icon) 75/56

MONDAY: Clearing (Partly Cloudy Icon) 71/43

TUESDAY: Cooler (Sunny Icon) 67/42

WEDNESDAY: Warmer (Sunny Icon) 70/53

THURSDAY: Clearing (Partly Cloudy Icon) 71/47