Thomas Murrel, of Church Point, says it’s possible we may be seeing the end of our drought:

“Down here in Cajun country we have a thing with June 8.

“The old Cajuns call the day ‘Semeda,’ and the elderly black people have also embraced the idea.

“Semeda is the trickled-down version of the real name, St. Medard, who supposedly had eagles above his head to protect him from rain.

“Now, the legend.

“The old folks say, and believe, that if it rains on June 8 we will have rain for 40 days in a row.

“Normally you dread this day, because who wants 40 straight days of rain?

“Not this year. Bring on that rain, St. Medard.”

George’s philosophy

Sister-in-law Valeri LeBlanc tells of a message she got from her son Wil last week:

“He was on his way to work in Kansas City and got behind a car with this bumper sticker:

“ ‘Business is good. People are great. Life is wonderful. George’s. Corner of Highland & Staring. BR, LA.’

“That is for us to feel every day. I want one of those on my car, on my bathroom mirror, everywhere. You?”

(Of course. I plan on dropping by George’s to pick up some stickers … possibly during happy hour. …)

Read it and weep

Leo Honeycutt says, “Jackie and I wanted to wait until the temperature got into the 100s before we decided to clean out the garage.

“Now I know why the word ‘garage’ closely resembles ‘garbage.’ ”

He says while going through old boxes “we ran across a box of receipts regarding our move to Colorado in 1991, and were shocked at the price we paid for gasoline just 20 years ago: $1.18 per gallon!

“The only thing that shocked us more was unearthing your columns from then.

“You had black hair!”

Speaking of old

Pat Tessier may be retired as editor of The Advocate’s People section, but she hasn’t stopped editing.

She says this about a recent column item:

“Surely a seasoned journalist like you knows it’s taboo to refer to anyone, regardless of age, as ‘an old friend,’ especially Paul Gates, a mere youngster about to enter his mid-’60s.

“Paul, and others that you’ve known for many years are your longtime friends, not your ‘old’ friends.

“I learned this lesson years ago from the People section’s ace copy editors, Camille Cassidy and Joël Levy.”

Still speaking of old

T-Bob Taylor, our Panama City, Fla., correspondent, says it should be good news to me that so many of my contributors seem to be retirees:

“Old contributors never retire; we just get wordier.”

The radio man

James Culotta apologizes for a “rare senior moment.”

In a recent item he told me his cousin Joe Culotta was from Mandeville, but Joe actually lives in Slidell.

However, the error gave James an opportunity to remind radio listeners in this area that Joe had the “Let’s Talk It Over” show on Sunday mornings in New Orleans, originally on WWL and later on WTIX.

Says James, “It was probably one of the first, if not THE first, radio talk shows in the country.

“He had many guests known locally and nationally from all walks of life, on topics including politics, business and religion.

“He could probably fill your column for years with names and stories from his interviews.

“A very interesting man.”

Special People Dept.

Loray Bridges Pike celebrates her 90th birthday Tuesday.

Joe and Eunice Gennusa celebrate their 69th anniversary Tuesday.

Retired restaurateur Vincent Sotile and wife Vivian, now living in Livonia, celebrate 61 years of marriage on Tuesday.

John B. and Gretchen Schilde Williams celebrated their 50th anniversary Monday.

The awkward hour

Robby Zeringue offers this thought:

“Have you ever noticed that 3 p.m. is always too early or too late for anything you want to do?”

It’s eggs-cruciating!

Over the past few months I’ve run quite a few “walk into a bar” tales, and some of them have been pretty lame.

But Shirley Fleniken’s may be the all-time worst:

Bacon and his buddy Eggs walk into a bar and ask the bartender for a couple of beers.

The bartender takes one look at them and says, “Sorry, fellas, but we don’t serve breakfast.”