With over 800 entries, check out the WINNER and finalists in Walt Handelsman's latest Cartoon Caption Contest!

Cursing The Darkness

Wow! You folks really lit this one up. We had 839 entries and there were some hilarious ones in this batch!! From generator troubles to power bills to squirrels! Our winner hit on a popular theme with the funniest punchline of them all. These were great!! Congrats to all.

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we pick the earliest sent in.

Here are your winner and finalists!!


Michael Gilly: Covington (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Herb Stein, New Orleans: “The squirrels must be having a party in the substation again!”

David Pattillo, Metairie: “We’re outside, Carl. That’s the trash blocking the sun.”

Charlene Gubitz, Metairie: “With the shape our world is in, this is easier on the eyes!”

Sam Johnson, Zachary: “The power company does that so you will appreciate the power when it’s on!!!”

Mittie Boyer, New Orleans: “I couldn’t pay the light bill. The internet was down.”

Robert Saloom, Baton Rouge: “I think the neighbors are testing their Christmas lights.”

David Scaffidi, New Orleans: “It’s another 100-year storm AGAIN!”

Earl Pansano, Metairie: “ ’Cus the cartoonist is too lazy to draw the rest of us!”

Dustin Hanks, Washington, DC: “It’s easier to ignore climate change in the dark.”

Bobby Ettinger, Mandeville: “Did you say the red clamp goes on the positive terminal?”

Keith Harold Ashburn, Prescott Valley, AZ:“BECAUSE YOU CLAPPED TWICE.”

Cate Arms, Baton Rouge: “Is it possible that ALL the lightbulbs burned out at once?”

Camille Domangue, Baton Rouge: “It’s dark, but at least it’s a ‘dry dark’.”

CC Cook, Baton Rouge: “Entergy’s hurricane damage insurance claim must have been denied.”

Ken Hickman, New Orleans: “Because LA does two things well – ‘shrimp and grits’ and ‘skimp on grids’!”

Christie Weeks, Jonesboro: “Are we are on the Texas grid now?”

Luci Parham, Baton Rouge: “The trash pile knocked down the power line!”

Donovan Mohr, New Orleans:“Fish swim into the transformer?”

William C. Busby, Leland, NC: “Washington wants us to see what it’s like to live in the dark.”

Jeffrey Richardson, New Orleans: “I don’t want to see what is in my refrigerator after I evacuated!”

Kevin Gremillion, New Orleans: “So you can’t see the trash.”

Chris Barber, Los Angeles, CA: “Ain’t dere no more.”

Zora White (Almost 6), New Roads: “Because Ida was here!”

Paula Barton-Willis, New Orleans: “Well we can smell the garbage but at least we don’t have to look at it!”

Marc Jaffe, Metairie: “We are switching to ‘virtual’ power.”

Harper Vicidomina-Mills (Age 6), Metairie: “Because the power doesn’t know how to listen!”

Kye Cantey, Crowley: “I heard the state was trying to calculate how much money it would take to fix all the roads.”

Mary Perrault Williams, Baton Rouge: “No bright ideas.”

Ed Mayo, Jr., Harahan: “Don’t overload the generator! Don’t overload the generator! But NOOOOO! Mr. Expert!!!”

Michael Coleman, New Orleans: “It’s called nighttime, Stanley. Go back to sleep!”

Wayne Dyer, Baton Rouge: “If IDA known, IDA told you!”


Dottie Anklam, Baton Rouge: “Just habit I guess!”

Shelby Rotolo, Metairie: “Entergy said they aren’t turning the lights back on till people stop saying bad things about them.”

Scott Tredwell, Advance, NC: “Search me, I don’t keep up with current events.”

Mary Fox Tebo, Baton Rouge: “I don’t know but if that’s not you touching my leg, I’ve got bigger problems!!!”

Richie Schega, Mandeville: “I guess now’s not a good time to ask what’s for dinner???”

Tom Boone, Gonzales: “With all the money we spent on gasoline for the generator we couldn’t afford to pay the electric bill.”

Danny Dysart, Chalmette: “Power overload at the garbage transfer station.”

Michael Tisserand, New Orleans: “Don’t worry, the clumsy cartoonist just knocked over the ink again!”

Alan Seicshnaydre, Metairie: “Heard Entergy didn’t have the nerve to request the rate increase to the City Council with the lights on!!”

David W. Hoerner, Metairie: “I thought YOU paid the electric bill.”

Richard Hirsch, Livonia: “Maybe they finally switched on those new ovens at Hubig Pies.”

Maury Berthon, Mandeville: “An unorganized group of thunderstorms just moved off the African Coast.”

Karen Poirrier, Lutcher: “To remind us to thank the linemen, Fred!!!”

Thanks for brightening our day.

Best wishes---Walt

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