The stunning accomplishments of the LSU football team to date have been accompanied by a certain amount of craziness as Cary Kearny’s story illustrates:

“After the LSU-Kentucky football game, we were tailgating with the Jerry Jolly family along the route the Tiger players take walking from the stadium to the practice facility.

“We got to see some of the players, take pictures and visit with them a little bit.

“As we were walking to our car to go home, a few players were still there visiting with some fans.

“I overheard a young woman say to her child in an excited voice, ‘That’s OK, honey! We don’t need Daddy in the Christmas card picture; we have Jarrett Lee!’ ”

The littlest Tiger

Speaking of the Tigers, Hal W. Gould says that during the rebroadcast of the LSU-Florida football game, “my 18-month-old grandson, Ben, toddled out to the living room, turned the TV on, changed channels to the game and climbed up onto the couch to watch!

“It’s nice to know he has his priorities straight at such a young age!”

Samstown’s loss

Glynn Adams, of Slidell, gave me the sad news that L.G. “Sonny” Adams, the unofficial mayor of Samstown (a suburb of White Castle), has died.

Shortly after the start of this column I began hearing from the “mayor,” and I always enjoyed his down-home humor.

Here’s one of his last stories, titled “Party Animals”:

“While drinking coffee with my wife, Bitsy, I mentioned an elderly lady. My wife said she was a cougar.

“I asked, ‘What is a cougar?’

“She said, ‘That’s an old lady who goes after young men.’

“Not thinking, I asked, ‘What do you call old men who go after young girls?’

“She said, ‘We call them jackasses.’ ”

Says Glynn, “If you feel Dad looking over your shoulder, it is not to supervise. He just wants a sneak preview.”

Orange you concerned?

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, Annabelle Armstrong reports a shortage of orange jack-o’-lanterns.

She says she went to eight stores looking for them to put around her yard for Halloween, and found only pink, blue, green and lavender.

She wonders where the orange went. …

Happy returns

Bill Stracener thanks the anonymous person who found his lost briefcase and returned it to his home:

“It was wrapped up in a nice bag and left in my driveway.

“We have some awfully kind, thoughtful people in Baton Rouge.”

Looking for people

Baton Rouge General needs volunteers in the Birthing Center Gift Tree and waiting area at the Bluebonnet hospital. Call Emily at (225) 763-4131.

Volunteers are needed in the gift shop of the Mid-City hospital. Call Laura at (225) 381-6609.

Worthy causes

e_SBlt Capital Area United Way benefits from “Shaken or Stirred” from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Tsunami.

Todd Graves, of Raising Cane’s, and Community Coffee’s Matt Saurage are challenging wives Gwen Graves and Catherine Saurage in a “Battle of the Bartenders.”

(You can probably expect some lemonade-based and coffee-based adult beverages …)

If you can’t make it to Tsunami, you can support United Way by casting your vote for the best bartenders: Todd and Matt (text SHAKEN to 50555 to tip $10); Gwen and Catherine (text STIRRED to 50555 to tip $10).

e_SBlt Apricot Lane Boutique on Jefferson Highway hosts a “Pink Party” from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday.

The boutique will donate 15 percent of sales that day, plus sales at the party, to Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer foundation.

There will also be a silent auction and raffle with 100 percent of the proceeds donated to the foundation.

Special People Dept.

e_SBlt Abraham Phillips Sr. celebrates his 98th birthday Wednesday.

• Ray Welch, of Oakwood Village in Zachary, celebrates his 91st birthday Wednesday.

Environmentally correct

Marvin Borgmeyer sends over this timely bumper sticker slogan:

“Go Green — Recycle Congress!”

The car song

Another tale from the above-mentioned Hal W. Gould:

“In church this weekend we were singing ‘A Mighty Fortress Is Our God’ when I noticed that this song has something in common with cars I’d owned in my ‘salad’ (aka ‘broke’) days — it has five flats.”