Walt Handelsman: Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

Tiger Breakfast!

Our first Cartoon Caption Contest of 2020 brought in 434 entries! With LSU playing in the National Championship tonight, there were a ton of great punch lines on the menu to choose from.

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we pick the earliest sent in.

Great job, everyone!!


Woody Whitacre, New Orleans: (Punch line lettered into word balloon)


Mary Kate Lee, Baton Rouge: “I’ll take the winner, winner, chicken dinner, please.”

Marie H. Minton, Morgan City: “Gotta get to the Dome so I’ll take this to GEAUX, TIGERS!!”

Charles Duet, New Orleans: “I’ll have the coach O special, the scrambled Trevor and a cup of strong Joe.”

Dale Baillie, Baton Rouge: “I’ll have the Tiger à l'orange, with the Dabo whine sauce.”

Ashton Phelps, Jr., New Orleans : “Fresh squeezed orange juice. Well pulped, please.”

Gary Ellender, Baton Rouge: “I’ll have the number 16 over easy.”

John D’Aquila, Algiers: “I will have the Clem Brulee.”

Bryan Reuter, Metairie: “I’ll take a cup of Joe and a bowl of crow, for all the fans that didn’t want to hire Coach O.”

Bruce Wismar, Kenner: “I’ll have Wheaties, the breakfast of champions!”

Fay Clark Stonecypher, Slidell: “I’ll have ‘Clemson Hashbrowns’, scattered and smothered.”

Clay Doremus, Baton Rouge: “One last order of Tiger Bait, please, sir.”

Dr. Bill Coleman, Metairie: “Normally I’m not into cannibalism, but today I’m going to have some Tiger!”

Al Bode, Metairie: “Just don’t feed me what the Saints had last week!!!”

Ken Goss, Jr., Crowley: “I’ll have the Heisman Special, sliced Clemson Tiger with a Dabo mustard, burnt cornerback toast, and a glass of orange squeezed!”

Peggy Duffel Simmons, New Orleans: “I’ll have a Clemson omelet with Orgeron seasoning and a cup of Joe.”

Rich Wolf, Westminster, MD: “I’ll have the Burrow Special.”

Phyllis Marcantel, Slidell: “I’ll have a Clemson Tiger over easy.”

David Delgado, New Orleans: “And, waiter, don’t forget the champagne!”



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