Don't let Covid Carnival get you down. Check out all these hilarious punchlines in Walt Handelsman's Mardi Gras Cartoon Caption Contest!

Mardi Gras Magic

We received 367 entries in this week’s Mardi Gras Cartoon Caption Contest! Covid may have curtailed our party this year but the spirit of Carnival is alive and well in these punchlines. Great job, everyone!!

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we pick the earliest sent in.

Here are your winner and finalists!!


Michael Coleman, New Orleans: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Jay Dardenne, Baton Rouge: “Take that back to the attic. I told you I wanted the BIG box!”

Mary H. Thompson, Baton Rouge: “All hail the Krewe of Attic-us!”

Michael Gilly, Covington: “Maybe you should make an attic float and just throw them down the stairs!”

Charles Hamilton, Carlsbad, CA: “Now that float houses are a thing, will you admit keeping that stuff was a good idea?”

Hope Cambre, Gretna: “Quick, Honey, hook the 15-inch medallion beads from Rex, Zulu, Endymion and Bacchus together and straighten them out. That will help us determine proper social distancing.”

Donna Reuter, Metairie: “Look, Honey! The house doesn’t lean anymore.”

Mary Margaret Netterville, Baton Rouge: “Welcome to the Krewe de Kwarentine!”

David Delgado, New Orleans: “Teamwork!”

Justin Molaison, Metairie: “That’s the only ladder those beads will catch this year!”

Rodney D. Miranne, Detroit, MI: “Don’t forget the giant inflatable King Cake Baby for the lawn!”

Martha Landrum, New Orleans: “I know… you wanted to be on a different ladder this year.”

Gayl and Michael Pearson, New Orleans: “Bring those beads back to the attic; they hold the house down during hurricanes.”

Kyle Tasch, Palatine, IL: “We don’t need the beads for quarantine, we need the masks!”

Bryan Reuter, Metairie:“Down in New Orleans COVID is our thorn. It takes a cool cat not to be forlorn. On St. Charles and the other streets. Everyone’s working on their house float treats.”

Kelly McGeehan, Metairie: “You missed a box, Boo. The house isn’t gonna decorate itself!”

Shelby Rotolo, Metairie: “You can put all that back in the attic. I called the Krewe of Red Beans and they are going to decorate the house!”

Bonnie Boyer, Metairie: “Don’t forget the doubloons.”

John Galloway, New Orleans: “Hurry up to our balcony. The crowd on our front yard is yelling, ‘Throw me something, Neighbor’.”

Barry Kern, New Orleans: “I told you that we would use those throws one day!”

David Dupre, Kenner: “The sag in the ceiling – Ain’t dare no more.”

Barbara Muller, Mandeville: “Oh, bring that back into the attic. We’re going to throw it out of the dormer windows.”

Nick Champion, Baton Rouge: “So, Mr. ‘Why do you keep this stuff?’ Who’s saving Mardi Gras now?”

Mike Dauterive, Covington: “We are not going to let anything darken our parade! But you forgot to turn off the light.”

Tom Moore, Baton Rouge: “Don’t forget the box of ZULU coconuts.”

Dorothy Barcelona, Baton Rouge: “Don’t roll your eyes at me. You’ll love decorating the house just like you did at Christmas!”

Phillip Griffin, New Orleans: “Don’t throw that pearl string there. I caught it off Kevin Costner back in ’08.”


Charlene Gubitz, Metairie: “Throw me somethin’, Mister! Gosh that felt good!”

Michael Moore, Denham Springs: “Can’t go up with the new, so we’re coming down with the old.”

Cambre Bares, (Age 8), Baton Rouge: “What are you thinking? Are you having a parade?”

Karen Poirrier, Lutcher: “The stuff I want is in the hall closet!!!”

Dr. Bill Coleman, Metairie: “I didn’t know we had a catch basin in the attic!!”

Keith Horcasitas, Baton Rouge: “Save those beads for 2022, I’ll preserve us the coconut for great Zulu. In the meantime I’ll prance in a tight tutu, with Covid-19, what else can we do?”

Judy Spadafora, Kenner: “It’s not go big or go home. It’s stay home and go huge!”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette: “Purple, yellow, and green are the cure for the Covid blues!!!”


Richard Robbins, New Orleans: “We shall hang them on the windows, we shall hang them on the walls, and on the doors, and from the trees; we shall never surrender!”

Tom Kitchen, Metairie: “Honey, I said bring down the Endymion ’82 beads, not the Bacchus ’78 beads.”

Jim Williamson, Mandeville: “Harold, that bag on top has your old underwear in it!!!”

Cade Burson, Slidell: “We may be reduced to ‘float homes’, but we are still going all out for Blaine Kern.”

Have a happy and safe Mardi Gras, folks! Best wishes--Walt

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