New York City may have a weekend storm it hasn’t experienced since 1871 and Hurricane Hazel. On this date in 1988, Tropical Storm Gustav was bound for Cuba. As noted in a previous column, August is one of the worst months for storms in Louisiana. Also on this date in 1992, Hurricane Andrew made landfall 20 miles southwest of Morgan City. It ranked No. 4 in the most-intense hurricanes, based upon its central pressure. The “Labor Day” Hurricane of 1935 ranks No. 1. On Aug. 17, 1969, Camille, ranked No. 2, skirted Plaquemines Parish before its eye made landfall in St. Louis Bay in Mississippi. Before Katrina, Camille was considered the comparative storm, or benchmark, against which all Gulf Coast storms were measured.

Fastcast: Haze, heat.

Mostly sunny and hot. High near 98. Heat index values as high as 106. Calm winds becoming northerly at 5 mph. Tonight: Mostly clear, low about 76. Westerly winds 5 mph becoming calm.