The Captain Emeritus of our golf group is Billy Edrington, also known as “The Water Baron.” In his profession, Billy knows water and recently he was astonished to learn the universe has water everywhere you look.

Time magazine reports a few billion years ago, Mars was awash in water with rivers cutting twisted channels into seas. The solar system from Jupiter outward could have been the universe’s biggest water park if it weren’t frozen. Saturn’s rings are made of trillions of chunks of ice.

In Baton Rouge, our daily rain average was 0.21 inches in July with 14 days reporting more than a trace. Nine days had more than a tenth and five days with a half-inch. Two days last month had us with more than an inch.

Fastcast: Sizzling.

Mostly sunny and hot. High near 96. Heat index values as high as 110. Westerly winds 5 mph. Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low about 77. Southerly winds 5 mph to 10 mph becoming calm.