Today marks the third anniversary of the worst storm that ever hit Baton Rouge. Katrina’s sustained winds in Baton Rouge clicked up to only 45 mph, with gusts at 49 mph, and Andrew, in 1991, recorded 70-mph gusts. Looking back to Hurricane Betsy on Sept. 12, 1965, sustained winds were logged at 58 mph with gusts to 92 mph. Hurricane Gustav blasted our area with the highest sustained winds of any storm recorded in Baton Rouge with sustained winds of 61 mph and gusts measuring 91 mph. Similar to Irene hitting New England last weekend, tree damage and removal and massive power outages lasted for many weeks as Gustav caused $4.3 billion in damage and 48 statewide deaths. Today also marks the half-way point of Hurricane Season 2011.

Fastcast: Returning showers.

Scattered showers. High near 93. Easterly winds 5 mph to 15 mph. Rain chance: 40 percent. Tonight: Scattered showers. Low about 75. Easterly winds 10 mph. Rain chance: 30 percent.