Whiteouts are extreme blizzard conditions where blowing snow creates a situation where sky, air and ground are indistinguishable. Whiteouts are common in Switzerland and the village of Grand St. Bernard, in the Swiss Alps. At 8,000 feet, it boasts the highest church in the world. As noted in a previous column, once the most-dangerous pass in Europe, the monastery of the Grand St. Bernard was a lifesaving refuge for many.

In the 1600s, the St. Bernard monks needed assistance in rescuing snowbound travelers and bred a burly, sturdy dog that bears their patron saint’s name. It is believed the dogs saved 2,000 lives over the years, with one male, Barry, setting the record with 41 rescues in the early 1800s. What became of the St. Bernard on Tuesday. Fastcast: Sun and clouds.

Partly sunny, high near 81. Calm winds becoming southeasterly at 5 mph. Tonight: Partly cloudy, low about 57. Southerly winds 5 mph becoming calm.