Should a bad punster lead our nation?

Frank Fronczek brings up a question all American voters should consider carefully — do we really want a president who will give us four years of bad puns?

Says Frank, “Some of your readers may have chosen not to spend their time reading columnist Dana Milbank’s criticism of Mitt Romney’s sense of humor, so they might have missed this scene of Romney on the campaign trail:

“He was in a cafe in New Hampshire and saw a man eating Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce.

“He suggested to the owner that this particular dish should be served in hubcaps.


“ ‘There’s no plates like chrome for the hollandaise.’

“That should assure him the vile punster vote.”

Here’s a chilling thought — what if he has another vile punster, our own Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, as his running mate?

Could our nation survive this?

What addiction?

Robert Blackledge tells of an “unbelievable” sight:

“A few days ago I was going for an eye exam near Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center.

“As I turned off Essen onto Hennessy, I noticed a woman standing by herself next to the street smoking a cigarette.

“What really caught my attention was her dress and accoutrements.

“She was wearing a hospital gown and was leaning on an intravenous drip stand.

“And she appeared to be connected by tubes to one or more drips.

“Now that’s a serious nicotine addiction!”

Early Miles

Linda Gauthier says, “As my family prepared to leave Oklahoma City, Okla., to return home to Baton Rouge on Sunday, we picked up a copy of the local newspaper, The Oklahoman.

“We were happy to see a familiar face on the front page and on the sports page — Les Miles!

“After a road trip of almost 3,500 miles, we felt at home when we read the great articles about how he helped Oklahoma State rebuild its football program, beginning with the 2001 season!”

The article, headlined “OSU football program’s rise started with Les Miles,” tells how his teams in 2001-2004 improved over past years, made it to bowl games and, more importantly, beat arch-rival Oklahoma a couple of times.

Home cooking

“Pointe Man” comments on our horror stories about out-of-state eateries claiming to serve Louisiana cuisine:

“Smiley, having traveled all over the world while on active duty, and to many of our great cities and states, I formed Chip’s Law:

“Never eat ‘Louisiana food’ outside the state of Louisiana and expect it to conform to the standards of Louisiana food.

“At one place I ate ‘Catfish I-ber-ville.’

“I should have known better.

“Just don’t do it until you have checked the cook’s credentials!”

Ancient history

Jeff Pederson says a reader’s mention of having to explain a reference to the old TV show “Green Acres” reminds him of “how often I get a ‘duh’ look when I quote an old show from the ’60s, ’70s or ’80s.

“When someone says something about a phone number, I tell them, ‘The number to call is BR549.’

“After the usual questions about what am I talking about, I explain about ‘Hee Haw.’

“I usually have to explain it twice.

“I even had someone try to call ‘Junior Samples Auto Sales’ because they were looking for a car.”

Childhood delights

Hilda Barr Lusted responds to Sara Campagna Jacobs’ department store memories:

“I don’t remember Dalton’s having an escalator.

“Rosenfield’s on Third Street did have one.

“I remember as a child enjoying a Punch and Judy show on the second floor of Dalton’s.”

Special People Dept.

Charles and Cary Rentrop of Patterson celebrated their 59th anniversary Wednesday.

Robert “Gus” and Elaine Gosselin celebrate 50 years of marriage Thursday.

Herman and Carolyn Wunstel, of Gonzales, celebrated their 50th anniversary June 17.

Aging process

Mel Prust says you know you’re getting old when, after painting the town red, you have to take a long rest before applying a second coat.

Can you do that?

Gerald Hubenak says, “I was able to work out for the first time since my back surgery, and I must have overdone it, because I think I hurt my FAT!”