Walt Handelsman: Record-breaking number of entries in latest cartoon caption contest! Here are your winner and finalists!

We had a record-breaking 852 entries in this week’s caption contest!

There were lots and lots and LOTS of funny captions about Jimmy Hoffa, the Confederate monuments and the missing NFL penalty flags. As always, when we have duplicate entries, we pick the earliest sent in. There were also a bunch of biting political entries and we’ve included several of them here as well.

Our winner went a completely different direction and won for his quirky humor, creativity and originality… And his punch line may actually explain what the heck is going on down there!!

Really great job everyone--- We liked the entries so much we’ve included a ton of finalists this time! 


Michael Maples, Covington: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Fred Foti, St. Martinville: “Traffic is terrible down there!!”

Ken Adatto, New Orleans: “One of our trucks with two men in it taking a nap!”

Alan Karr, Baton Rouge: “I think I found the drain plug for the bowl we’re in!”

Charlie Marshall, Metairie: “You won’t believe this… The city really HAS been pouring money down the drain for years!”

Jennifer Schwin, New Orleans: “The “ON” switch for the pumps!”

Laurie Becker, Kenner: “It’s the money from FEMA to the Sewerage & Water Board!”

Chuck Theaux, Ponchatoula: “It’s the missing penalty flags from the NFL Championship game.”

Dianne Hymel, River Ridge: “They found Jimmy Hoffa…”

Mimi Moyse Schlesinger, Metairie: “I found where Mitch hid the statues.”

Becky Aldrich, Kenner: “We’re rich! It’s Jean Lafitte’s treasure!”

Stephen Calogrides, River Ridge: “A new, unopened copy of Running a Sewerage and Water Board for DUMMIES!

Hyram Taylor, New Orleans: “TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS!”

Lynn Fowler, New Orleans: “Bobby Jindal’s political career!”

Steve Hebert, Scott: “Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

Terry Draper, Houma: “Nagin’s money bags!”

Chip Ravaglia, Kenner: “I just found $10,000 wrapped in newspaper with former congressman Jefferson’s name on it!”

Quin Bates, Marrero: “Mitch Landrieu for President Headquarters!”

Marita Romano, Mandeville: “I found where all the missing socks go!”

Charles Lyon, Geismar: “It’s a tunnel to China – they want to put a tariff on our waste.”

Tim Johnson, Baton Rouge: “Looks like a river boat made a wrong turn!”

Bob Martin, Mandeville: “Amelia Earhart’s airplane!”

Jim Roseberry, Slidell: “I think it’s the lost city of Atlantis!”

Katie Nachod, New Orleans: “A Ford Edsel!”

Doug Trick, Baton Rouge: “I found a Mardi Gras float! And there’s still riders on it throwing beads!!!”

Helen and Woody Morrison, New Orleans: “You not gonna believe this… They got potholes down here too!”

Thomas McGuire, Baton Rouge: “It’s the old Zephyr from Pontchartrain Beach!”

Howard Moreaux, Covington: “NEGLECT!”

Keith Twitchell, New Orleans: “Remember that German U-boat that went missing off the coast in WWII?”

Charles J. Fontenot, Lafayette: “A lifetime of politician promises!”

Christy Edwards, Woodland Hills, CA: “It’s the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald!!”

Bob Burleson, Greenwell Springs: “LSU’s playbook on how to beat ‘Bama!”

John LeBourgeois, Metairie: “I don’t know how long they have been down here, but I found a whole lot of signs for K&B, D.H. Holmes, and Schwegmann’s.”

Kevin Miranda, New Orleans: “A streetcar named Desire!”

Barry Weber, Lutcher: “NOAH’S ARK!!!”

Dave Snyder, Baton Rouge: “We need the big machine to fix this! The pipe is completely plugged with letters complaining about poor drainage and flooding.”

Jan Pagragan, St. Rose: “BIGFOOT! We finally found Bigfoot!”

David Brown, Auburn, AL: “The nutria have a 4 BR condo in there!”

Stephen Nielsen, Metairie: “There’s a partridge in a pear tree down here!!”

Kelly Hite, New Orleans: “It’s piles and piles of accountability!”

Dahlia Miller, Jacksonville, FL: “I said… ELVIS IS ALIIIVE!”

Marta Giarrusso, New Orleans: “Atlanta’s Super Bowl chances.”

Happy Labor Day!! -- Walt

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