Ina G. Navarre says her mother, Sylvia Chenevert Gremillion, told her this story:

“Her father, Edison Jules Chenevert, grew up in the small farming community of Cottonport, where everyone knew everybody else and people were commonly known by nicknames like ‘Cousin This,’ ‘Tante That,’ ‘Frère So and So’ etc.

“The community familiarity even extended to the animals. It was very common for farmers to name their animals, particularly draft animals like horses and mules.

“It was common knowledge that one of the neighbors, Nonc (Uncle) Fie, had a mule named Missouri.

“While Edison was in elementary school, one day the teacher began calling on students one by one to give the name of a state until all 48 were named.

“Finally, the class had covered 47 states, with one remaining.

“The boy called on to give the last remaining state name could not think of it.

“Some of his buddies leaned in to whisper to him, ‘Nonc Fie’s mule.’

“When the teacher pressed him for an answer the boy, mystified and flustered, blurted out ‘Uncle Fie’s mule!’

“I am sure the good people of Missouri would be happy to know their state was given a new name that day in Cottonport.”

Nice catch!

Here’s an example of the misunderstanding that can be caused by the way you read a sentence:

Dr. George S. Bourgeois, of Opelousas, says, “I have often heard it said of a wide receiver in football that, if he is quite adept at catching passes, he has ‘good hands.’

“I wonder what term would apply to the North Carolina player who, according to an AP article in the Thursday Advocate, was punched ‘after catching a pass, in the groin area.’ ”

Nice try

From our “Ideas that never caught on” file, this note from Mike Humble:

“While eating lunch at a restaurant known for its country store theme, whose walls are adorned with memorabilia, antiques etc., one display in particular caught my eye.

“It was a box from an automobile lamp manufacturer, and one side read ‘direction signal flasher — for safety in turning.’

“At least their intentions were good.”

Nice people

Karen Corkern Babb thanks the folks at Overpass Cleaners, who found the check her son dropped in their parking lot.

“I had been at the hospital with my husband for two weeks, as he has undergone extensive surgery for cancer.

“As you can imagine, we had many worries on our mind. One was to pay a debt I owed.

“My son was to deliver the check for me. He ate at the restaurant next-door to the cleaners the previous night and didn’t realize the check had fallen from his pocket.

“Those special ladies have been a blessing during this difficult time.”

Nice people II

Police Officer Lyle Andre thanks the thoughtful person who paid for his meal at a Raising Cane’s:

“We were in the drive-thru, and I assume it was the person in front of me. So, to that person, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Worthy causes

Tami Lawrence says the Down Syndrome Awareness Group has its 11th annual Buddy Walk from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Healing Place Church on Highland Road, with jambalaya and games.

Register at For information go to or call (225) 588-2353.

Special People Dept.

• Peggy Wooldridge celebrates her 92nd birthday Tuesday.

• Margie Sibley Coxe, of Walker, celebrated her 90th birthday Saturday.

• Dorothy Magee, of Watson and Landmark Rehab Center, celebrates her 90th birthday Tuesday.

• Joe and Rosa Daigle celebrated their 66th anniversary Friday.

• On Tuesday, Bob and Claudine Truett celebrate their 64th anniversary.

Thought for the Day

From Marvin Borgmeyer: “After listening to the evening news, I can’t decide if the world is getting worse or the reporters are working harder!”

Peeping tom

Carol Sanchez, of St. Amant, says, “The other morning I looked out our glass back door and was startled to see a 3 1/2–foot-tall tom turkey looking right back at me.

“Turns out he belongs to a neighbor, but prefers our yard.

“Maybe, with Thanksgiving so close, he was seeking asylum for himself and his brood of six others.”