Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!


You folks were so, so, sooooo HOT this time around! We had 517 entries in this week’s caption contest, and I think when you read these you will agree -- They are really funny!

As always when we have duplicate entries (and we always do) we pick the earliest sent in and best worded for the cartoon image.

Great job, everyone!!


Louis Crispino, New Orleans: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Tracy McCord, Baton Rouge: “Could you check the breakfast potatoes? They’re roasting in the mailbox.”

T. Brian Almon, Metairie: “It only took me three hours to find a smooth sidewalk with no cracks.”

Davis Hotard, Baton Rouge: “If you can’t stand the heat, go into the kitchen.”

Charles J. Fontenot, Lafayette: “The weather’s really made my farm-to-concrete concept take off!”

John A. Hanley, Baton Rouge: “Can you check on the biscuits? I put them on the driveway.”

Sarah Fromherz, New Orleans: “It’s got more SIZZLE than the Democratic Presidential Debates!”

Stephen Servay, River Ridge: “This sidewalk is generating more heat than the Governor’s race!”

Doug Parker, New Orleans: “This is nothing. They’re cooking omelettes on the next block.”

Greg Johnson, Jefferson: “There’s no cleanup either….. Flood waters will take care of that later!”

Charles Vaughan, Grand Prairie, TX: “At noon we are going to deep fry the turkey!”

Claudio Balbero, New Orleans: “Who needs food trucks when we have sidewalks!”

Michael Kelly, Baton Rouge: “I’m going all solar to reduce my carbon footprint.”

Robin Hartdegen, Metairie: “… and my Mom said, ‘If you go outside, you’re gonna cook!’ ”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette: “Better get your order in quick. A big cloud is getting ready to pass over us.”

René Crusto, New Orleans: “And I have waffles workin’ on da storm drain!”

George A. Farber, MD,  Kenner: “It’s okay, the dog walkers missed this spot.”

Martha Landrum, New Orleans: “In this heat even the eggs don’t run.”

Stewart Stanley, Belle Chasse: “I decided to take the weatherman literally.”

Richard Wolf, Westminster, MD: “Just ignore the little crunchy things.”

Jim McCarty, Slidell: “Now that’s what I call Sunny Side Up!”

Maureen Theriot, Harvey: “For the game I’m popping popcorn.”

Johnny LeBourgeois, Metairie: “Oh yeah, this ain’t nothing! Yesterday, I boiled crabs!”

Tim Pujol, Maurepas: “Five second rule.”

Michael Fisher, Kenner: “I heard this is how Mr. Prudhomme got his start.”

David Brown, Auburn, AL: “Get your plate quickly before the ants show up!”

Kyle Robert, New Orleans: “It’s almost as hot out here as the LSU offense.”

Patricia Moroney, Baton Rouge: “With global warming, every day is Fry-day!”

Kim Lukinovich, Baton Rouge: “Isn’t it cool?”

Troy Smith, LaPlace: “Come on, Eddie, I’m offering you a ‘ground floor opportunity’ to invest in an innovative cooking technique.”

Charlanne Cress, Zachary: “Told ya Louisiana has the best outdoor cooking in America!”

Stay cool and eat well -- Walt

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