James Heintze researched weather conditions for the Fourth of July and noted that in New York City from 1789 to 1855 rain fell on thirteen Fourths.

On July 4, 1860, eight members of the German Fusiliers died from sunstroke in a Charleston, S.C., parade.

On July 4, 1874, the New York Herald reported that “whole blocks of houses” in Washington, D.C. lost roofs when a tornado roared through the town.

In Boston on July 4, 1831, The National Intelligencer reported that “The Northern Lights were beautifully vivid at the close of the 4th.”

The hottest Independence Days have come from seven cities in the Southwest including: Needles, Palm Springs, Thermal, Daggett and Blythe, Calif., Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Schenectady, N.Y. reported an earthquake on July 4, 1806.

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