Wow! Check out the winner and finalists' punchlines in Walt Handelsman's latest Cartoon Caption Contest!!

Scorching Hot!

We received 487 very creative entries in this week’s Cartoon Caption Contest!! With the political season really heating up, so many people sent in incredibly clever ideas on Uncle Sam’s predicament. Great job, everyone!

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we pick the earliest sent in.

Here are your winner and finalist!!


Catherine Holcomb, Morgan City: (Punch line lettered into word balloon)


Martha Landrum, New Orleans: “It’s looking like a dead heat all right!”

Becky Aldrich, Kenner: “Is that an oasis of political common sense, or just a mirage?”

John Sterling, Mesa, AZ: “I knew I should’ve bought the SPF 2020!”

Lawrence C. Barthe, Metairie: “Isn’t the virus, back-to-back hurricanes, and all of the bars being closed enough??”

Louis R. Rolfes, Lafayette: “I’ve been voting for 244 years, and this year I feel every one of them.”

Glenn Baudoin, Mandeville: “I’ve heard of hotly contested elections but this is ridiculous.”

Isidore Grisoli, Jr., New Orleans: “UNCLE!!!”

Mariano Hinojosa, Baton Rouge: “Don’t they know all that hot air will speed up climate change?”

Joseph Guidry, Lafayette: “Lucky we do this only once every four years!”

Jay Dardenne, Baton Rouge: “Enough of this scorched earth campaign.”

Bill Hebert, Metairie: “I’ve been looking all day and still can’t find a mailbox.”

Michael Coleman, New Orleans: “November 4th…., November 4th…, November 4th………”

Vicki Whittington, Baton Rouge: “Snap, crackle and pop – this election is going to be hot. Don’t be a dope, get out and vote, so your candidate will come out on top.”

John A. Hanley, Baton Rouge: “It’s not the heat. It’s the humiliation.”

Christy Reigert, Jefferson: “Out of the frying pan, and into the fire!”

Corey Fayette, Metairie: “Is it November 4th yet?”

Dale Dominique, Covington: “I hope this isn’t a mirage. I’m tired of seeing a donkey and elephant. I need a camel.”

Jackie Snowden, Westwego: “Jack Daniels!!! Whiskey!!! Vodka!!!”

Scott Tredwell, Advance, NC: “It’s so hot I was hallucinating that Trump’s running mate was Sahara Palin!”

Charles Theaux, Ponchatoula: “This elec-sun sea-sun is so hot due to the lack of rea-sun and compa-sun.”

David Delgado, New Orleans: “No oasis in sight!”

Jay Long, Metairie: “HELP!! I’m thirsty for the truth!”

Maria Oneal, Madisonville: “A do-nothing Congress, a pandemic, TWO hurricanes, and a nasty presidential election……! Where is Moses when we really need him?”

Sam Johnson, Baton Rouge: “So much hot air!!!”

Charlie Twickler, New Orleans: “It’s sweltering, and we haven’t even gotten to the ‘Heated Debates’ yet!!!”

Jean Inman, Jefferson: “What I wouldn’t give for a drop of sanity!”

Terrific stuff, folks! Be well!!


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