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Sen. John Milkovich, D-Shreveport, left, and Rep. Valerie Hodges, R-Denham Springse, embrace in the House Chamber at the State Capitol, May 29, 2019, after the House passed Milkovich's 'fetal heartbeat' bill that would ban abortions at about six weeks of pregnancy, if upheld by the courts, sending it to the governor's desk without exceptions for victims of rape and incest. Hodges handled the bill on the House side. Wednesday, Gov. John Bel 

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, is about to do the unthinkable. He’s supporting one of the strictest abortion bills, ever. Many of his supporters are furious.

Abortion rights advocates flooded Edwards’ Facebook page on Wednesday after the governor attempted to explain in a post why he planned on signing Senate Bill 184, the so-called fetal heartbeat bill. The bill would ban abortions at about six weeks of pregnancy if upheld by the courts.

“I know there are many who feel just as strongly as I do on abortion and disagree with me — and I respect their opinions," Edwards wrote on his Facebook page. But the majority of the more than 2,000 commenters were not happy with the governor and promised to do something about it. A sampling:

“As an activist and organizer who voted for you, I pledge to put all my energy into getting you in the unemployment line.”

“I can't wait to unseat you. How dare you? I will actively work to make sure you never serve a day beyond this term.”

“Voting for John Bel again is like saying sit back and enjoy being RAPED!”

“Enjoy your law practice. There will be no second term.”

“I voted for you but won’t be making that same choice again.”

“This is sickening for women across the state. You no longer have a loyal voter in this household.”

“Career just got flushed down the toilet.”

“The Republicans won't support you because you're a Democrat and the Democrats can't trust you. You're done.”

“Democrats and progressives will not show up for you next time.”

“What you have done is despicable. You will never receive another vote from me or anyone in my circle of family or friends.”

“You are a monster and a disgrace to Democrats.”

Edwards got the same reaction from the same post from most of his Twitter followers. Here are a few of the comments: 


“I voted for you once and I will not make that mistake again.”

“Voting for you was a massive mistake. Lesson learned.”

“Lost my vote. This is nonnegotiable.”

“You got my vote on the way in because of our need for Medicaid expansion, but you're never getting my vote again.”

“I voted for you and I really do appreciate some of the things you’ve done for Louisiana, but I will not be voting for you again after this.”

“You have lost my respect, my dollars to your campaign, and my vote.”

“When I voted for you last time, I didn’t realize you hated women so much.”

It’s difficult to know how many of these former Edwards supporters are simply throwing a temporary temper tantrum or how many will follow through on their threats. Edwards’ angry critics might be forgetting his personal connection to abortion. The governor has often spoken of his daughter’s spina bifida diagnosis before she was born. Edwards says doctors advised aborting the child, but the governor and his wife refused.

Politically speaking, Edwards had no choice but to sign the fetal heartbeat bill. His pro-life credentials helped get him into the governor’s mansion. He’s admitted as much.

“If you’re not pro-life and if you’re not pro-Second Amendment, too many people in Louisiana will not hear the rest of your message. And so you can be 100% in sync with them, but they’re never going to support you,” Edwards said in explaining what led to his victory for governor.

Edwards is not the only state Democrat taking a stand for life. The heartbeat bill passed overwhelmingly in the House this week, with 16 Democrats voting for it. The Senate passed the legislation earlier this month by a vote of 31 to 5. The bill was sponsored by a Democrat, state Sen. John Milkovich of Shreveport.

Abortion rights supporters are running out of candidates and time. All current gubernatorial candidates are pro-life, and the clock is clicking. The deadline to register to run is August 8th.

Unless an abortion rights candidate emerges, abortion supporters will have no place to go.

That’s a good thing, and it should lead to making a mother’s womb a much safer place for babies in Louisiana in the not too distant future.

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