Hungry for some deliciously funny humor? Check out the winner and finalists in Walt Handelsman's Thanksgiving-themed Cartoon Caption Contest!!

Zoom Thanksgiving

We received 562 delicious entries in this week’s Cartoon Caption Contest! People are clearly hungry for a hefty serving of humor these days. … And who can blame them? So, dig into these festive punchlines and hurry back for seconds.

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we pick the earliest sent in.

Here are your winner and finalists!!


Miguel Soler, New Orleans: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Michelle Krennerich, Baton Rouge: “Better to be Zoomed in than to be dished out!”

Ann Purnell Collom, Kenner: “Good news for us, Tom – Looks like the only Wild Turkey this year will be bourbon!”

Charlene Gubitz, Metairie: “I never thought I’d live to see this day!”

Frank Koch, Baton Rouge: “They have been on hundreds of Zoom calls this year……. Why do YOU think we’re invited to just this one?”

Mary H. Thompson, Baton Rouge: “Do you think they can tell I’m not wearing pants?”

Joe Kovacs, New Orleans: “Don’t forget to download the ‘Oven’ background before you turn your camera on!”

Jojo Davenport, Metairie: “ZOOM REALLY IS A LIFESAVER!”

David Delgado, New Orleans: “Can we switch to some football?”

Brian Lambert, Baton Rouge: “Don’t let that smile on blondie in the corner fool you. She’s the one that cooked Uncle Frank last year.”

Dee deMontluzin, New Orleans: “Look, they’re all talking turkey.”

Warren Bayer, Covington: “And I’m grateful that I get to keep my giblets!”

Daria Vincent, Metairie: “Pardon ME!”

Mary Fox Tebo, Baton Rouge: “I guess our birds of a feather won’t be flocking together this year either!!!!”

Emerson Markel (Age 9), New Orleans: “They’re all trapped in this box! We’re saved!”

Ryan Coulter, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: “At least it’s better than hoping for a Presidential pardon.”

Patricia H. Morrow, Lafayette: “What a year! You get the acorns. I’ll get the seeds. This year WE get to eat all day and watch football!”

Keith Twitchell, New Orleans: “Maybe this year Thanksgiving won’t cost us an arm and a leg.”

Ashton Phelps, Jr., New Orleans: “Hope our pre-Thanksgiving meeting with the butcher is held via Zoom!”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette: “Thank y’all for having us for dinner and not… having us for dinner.”

Vickie Barcelona, Baton Rouge: “No way would I accept that Zoom invitation!!”

Rob Davis, Lafayette: “Those are some funny looking turkeys.”

John Hoffman, Baton Rouge: “I don’t recognize any of them without their masks on!”

Sam Johnson, Zachary: “The camera adds 10 pounds… maybe they will eat less turkey!!!!”

Maddie Sherwood, Chalmette: “This year no one fights over the drumstick!”

Nick Champion, Baton Rouge: “… and for virtual dessert we’ll be serving Pie-In-The-Sky!”

Dana Beck, Baton Rouge: “Good year for us. They will all be ordering pizza.”

Michael Coleman, New Orleans: “NO HARM, NO FOWL!”

Don Randon, Gretna: “You know, this might turn out better for us than Cousin Tom’s Presidential pardon!”

Benjamin Schexnayder, Baton Rouge: “We’re safe, they can’t cook us on a Zoom call.”

Russel R. Barcelona, Baton Rouge: “We’ve been replaced by a cardboard turkey this year!!”

Larry Grundmann, Metairie: “Serving the gravy through that thing should really be interesting!”

Robert H. Murphy, Metairie: “What?? They’re not coming over for dinner today!! We should of thought of ZOOMGIVING years ago!!”

Hugh Riviere, Port Allen: “At least little Gracie won’t have to eat Aunt Mildred’s green bean casserole.”

Darell Byrd, Baton Rouge: “If you stand back six feet from the screen, the visit with the in-laws is even better.”

Jennifer Holmes, Metairie: "Look! Uncle Mike says inappropriate things at virtual Thanksgivings too!"

Rocco Iacovone, Bloomfield, NJ: “Don’t fall for it, if you accept that invitation, you’ll be a TV dinner.”

Zoe Vicari, Baton Rouge: “Well, at least you can mute them if they bring up politics!”

Celia Dooley, Baton Rouge: “I am having the baste time on this Zoom call!”

Bill Delaune, Prairieville: “Oh no! The Brady Bunch is having us for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Joel Colman, New Orleans: “Can someone please call Grandpa and tell him how to unmute himself again?”

Allie Cagle, Port Allen: “Looks like neither of us will be getting stuffed this Thanksgiving.”

Scott Stoulig, Ponchatoula: “Every year is 2020 for us!!!”

Kathy Hubbell, New Orleans: “This old bird is thankful that after eight months of social distancing and hundreds of Zoom gatherings, I am still here to tell my family and friends how much they mean to me. DON’T BE A TURKEY, WEAR YOUR MASK!!!”

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Be well -- Walt

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