Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

Happy Halloween!

This week we had 154 terrific entries in the caption contest. With lots of play-on-word jokes, a few punch lines on the terrible shape of our roads and bridges and a winning entry from a very creative 8th grade class in Baton Rouge. These were all great!

The winner and finalists are:


U-High 8th grade Social Studies class (Instructor, Kim Carr), Baton Rouge (punch line lettered into cartoon)


M. Jason Brown, Prairieville: “Look, don’t fly off the handle, but I’m only giving you one star.”

Marc Loudon, New Orleans: “Nice. This a great way to avoid potholes.”

Dan Stein, Baton Rouge: “When the app said you drove a stick, I thought…..”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette: “Well, I DID ask for a convertible that could really fly.”

B. Arthur Lemoine, Arabi: “No, Siri… I said which Ride Sharing service should I use. Not Witch Ride Sharing….”

Marlene Most, Baton Rouge: “Now your reviews saying that you, “swept them off their feet” make sense.”

Robert J. Thibodaux, Sr., Thibodaux: “Just take me over the Sunshine Bridge!”

Andrew Durdin, Zachary:  “We’d get there faster if you had a Swiffer Sweeper.”

Adrian Genre, Port Allen:  “Can you avoid the air space over the Baton Rouge Interstate? I don’t want to get caught in broom-to-broom traffic.”

Helen Morrison, New Orleans: “I knew Uber would have surge pricing for Halloween, but this boost is really spooky!”

Well done, folks!!!  Walt


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