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LSU coach Ed Orgeron sits on the stage with a mask covering his face during the East Baton Rouge Parish-wide graduation ceremony, Tuesday, May 19, 2020, at the Louisiana Leadership Institute in Baton Rouge.

Want to buy some clothes or groceries? Mask up. Want to see a movie in a local theater? Mask up. Want to see the LSU football Tigers play this fall? You might have to mask up.

It’s almost July and the State of Louisiana has been requiring business employees coming into contact with customers to wear masks. That means employees at Louisiana businesses interacting with the public must wear masks, and masks are strongly encouraged for customers. Technically, New Orleans requires customers to wear face coverings or masks when doing visiting businesses. As we open up our society more, things such as going to the movies and going to football games will likely change.

AMC, the world’s largest movie theater chain, said recently that it would “strongly encourage” moviegoers to wear masks when they open to the public in July. Then they got blasted on social media and that decision got reversed. The chain is going to require face masks in areas where local officials mandate it.

There are AMC theaters in parts of Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Hammond, Houma, Metairie, New Orleans and Slidell. Like AMC, Regal Theatres, which has operations in Bossier City, Covington, Kenner and Leesville, is requiring customers to wear masks where mandated. AMC customers can bring their own, or they can buy one at the box office along with a movie ticket. Surely some of our friends and neighbors are interested in getting back to the comfort of a cushioned seat in a cool theater with dynamic sound to view some of the latest movie offerings.

Mask wearing is picking up steam as reasonable leaders realize that public health officials know what they’re talking about after examining local, state, national and worldwide data — and as they realize that no vaccine is likely for several months. That means staying home and away from others or going out and maintaining a distance of at least six feet and masking up to lessen the likelihood that novel coronavirus droplets will be spread from one person to another.

As we learned just a few days ago, this virus is expanding from those who are senior citizens and those with underlying conditions to younger people.

During a recent radio interview, LSU Athletics Director Scott Woodward said requiring Tiger Stadium football fans to wear masks is “definitely in play” as university officials listen to public health experts. During The Paul Finebaum Show, he said he regularly wears a mask and he encouraged others to do the same. We like the way he put it. "This isn't a political statement," he said. "This is a health statement. We're trying to save lives here.”

Wear a mask. Wear face coverings. Let’s save lives.