Walt Handelsman: New Caption Contest Winners!

Oh, The Frustration!

We received 147 entries this time ranging from anger and frustration to frustration and anger. But through it all you found humor and irony.  These were very clever entries. Well done!

The winner and finalists are:


Robert Wilson, New Orleans  (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Lynn Bourgeois, Baton Rouge: “We’re going to need a bigger hammer. ”

William Booth, Slidell: “Now that’s real breaking news!”

Wayne Moore, Prairieville: “Now, lets demolish our TWEETING devices!!!!”

Corinne Ward, Metairie: “I thought this was supposed to be a smart TV!”

Linda Oliver, Baton Rouge: “Edith, you told me to stop talking back to the TV news so I did something about it!”

Charles B. Marshall, Metairie: “Sorry about the mess, but a 55-inch screen just won’t fit through the window.”

Russ Gaudin, Baton Rouge: “Sorry, Honey--- I was just trying to knock some common sense into it!!”

Rosemary Clark Gunning, Baton Rouge: “Nailed it!”

 Great job, everyone!

~ Walt

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