Can you help me to stop getting calls from inmates to my cell phone? I called (866) 847-1251 to be taken off the call list and got a recording from Securus Customer Service. The message said to call (866) 229-6829 if I wanted to know about a recent call from someone inside a correctional facility. I was told they would block my number.

Arnold Chauviere, utility administrator for the Louisiana Public Service Commission, responds:

“Based on the information provided by the reader, it appears the issue has been resolved. However, should he continue to receive calls from the correctional facility and need support in resolving this issue I would suggest he contact his LPSC district office and file an informal complaint. Information on contacting the LPSC can be found at Additionally, the Securus Technologies, Inc. website,, has information about how to block inmate phone calls under its Frequently Asked Questions section, ‘How can I block my phone from receiving inmate calls?’ This is the same information the reader was provided when he contacted the company on its toll free number, (866) 229-6829.”

Rearing grandchildren

Is there a support group in Baton Rouge for middle-aged people who are assisting with rearing grandchildren?

According to Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, 6.3 percent of U.S. children under 18 live in households headed by grandparents; 9.7 percent of all children in Louisiana live with grandparents; the state has the fourth-highest percentage in the United States of children living with grandparents; and 6,335 grandparents are responsible for meeting the basic needs of children in Baton Rouge.

Among the challenges for some men and women rearing grandchildren are health issues and access to quality health care; custody and visitation; education; rental housing; and transportation. For others, the issues can include legal aid; substance abuse; mental abuse; sexual and physical abuse; and the death or incarceration of one or both birth parents.

The telephone numbers for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren are (225) 357-0608 and (225) 355-5442. The group’s website is The founder is Dot Thibodeaux.

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