With a near record-breaking 732 entries, look who won Walt's latest Cartoon Caption Contest!

Dog Daze

Wow! We received 732 entries in this week’s Cartoon Caption Contest!! That’s just six short of breaking the 2020 record! There were funny ones, crazy ones, goofy ones, weird ones, unpredictable ones, punny ones, and lots of just doggone clever ones. Great job, everyone!

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we pick the earliest sent in.

Here are your winner and finalists!!


Andy Janes, New Orleans: (Punch line lettered into word balloon)


Clay Trachtman, Baton Rouge: “What’s next? No drinking from the toilet?”

Ron Riley, Baton Rouge: “So let me get this straight. I eat cat poop, drink out of the toilet, and roll in dead stuff, and they’re worried that my paws may be dirty?”

Kathleen Schrenk, New Orleans: “Fresh new scent! Dead squirrel!”

Charles Theaux, Ponchatoula: “Don’t put that stuff on any part of you that you plan to lick later.”

John Hanley, Baton Rouge: “A little squirt then a little squirt.”

Richard Robbins, New Orleans: “Last time I saw that bottle, I was at the Vet, and my bark was three octaves lower.”

Ryan Vicknair, Covington: “Next they’ll be telling us to sniff each other’s butts from six feet away!”

James Shields, Madisonville: “If our owners really knew where our mouths have been, they would forget all about this paw sanitizer!”

Andrew Rhodes, Baton Rouge: “This is the leashed we can do to stop the spread of COVID.”

Kathleen Mix Diamond, Metairie: “Go finish washing… you only barked ‘Happy Birthday’ one time!!”

Pat Shane, Kenner: “Tell the cat we are taking over the litter box!”

Chip Boudreaux, Marrero: “Yuck! Tastes NOTHING like the toilet bowl back home.”

Janie Rees, Baton Rouge: “(Musical Note!) Who let the germs out? WHO WHO WHO? ”

Michael Coleman, New Orleans: “Back off, Rex! Social piss-stancing!”

Jim Williamson, Mandeville: “Hello!! WE DON’T HAVE THUMBS!!... Anybody listening!!?... Let’s go find a tree!”

Cary H. Scott, Mobile, AL: “Don’t they realize that’s like putting the sink over the toilet?”

Todd Boudreaux, Donaldsonville: “This is getting ridiculous. Before you know it we won’t be allowed to smell each other’s butts.”

Jodie Singer, Angie: “To pee or not to pee? That is the question!”

Christy Reigert, Jefferson: “Wouldn’t it be great if this one is bacon flavored?”

Jay F. Fox, Madisonville: “Forget to use this and you’ll be sick as a … well, you know.”

Bill Hebert, Metairie: “If you ask me, Dr. Fauci has gone too far now.”

Larry Collins, Baton Rouge: “Next they’ll have us peeing into one of those white bowl looking things.”

Steve Foster, New Orleans: “Quick! Use it before some desperate human takes it!”

Jan Mickey, Lafayette : “I can’t smell!! I can’t read!! Does that thing mean we can’t do our business on the red thing anymore??”

Anita Wilkinson, Port Allen: “Fetching the paper is one thing, but that!?!”

Jean Ewing, New Orleans: “What took ‘em so long to think of this?”

Elizabeth Pinney, New Orleans: “I thought things were bad when we had to stop sniffing rear ends – and now this?!?”

Scott Tredwell, Advance, NC: “Oh, The caninity!”

Elaine Norman, Metairie: “You gotta try this new sanitizer. It’s a mix of ribeye and dog bones. Just heavenly!”

Donna Reuter, Metairie: “If you don’t Purell after peeing, the Paw Patrol’s gonna put you in the pound!”

Lamar Murrell, McComb, MS: “Aw, man, I had just gotten the handshake down, and now I’ve got to learn the elbow bump!”

Marie H. Minton, Morgan City: “Pretty RUFF times we’re living in!”

Terrific stuff, folks! Be well!!


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