A corner of the world that needed a little TLC is getting some from mission volunteers of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The World Changers group brought about 170 young people from eight states to help out the underprivileged - painting houses and demonstrating their faith in action.

The group worked on homes in the Fairfield area of north Baton Rouge. It’s a joint effort: The city-parish bought paint and materials through a federal grant, and city-parish workers helped out in clearing major junk from empty lots and working the area to help residents keep down rats and other pests.

But the young students, grades 7 though 12, are the heroes, paying their own way to Baton Rouge to help out an area in need of it. Mattie Jerrell, 91, called the work on her house “a blessing.”

Our community at large is blessed with the World Changers’ work. Mayor-President Kip Holden thanked the volunteers and noted it was the ninth year that World Changers had pitched in here.

As the mayor said, this is a “great group of young people.” Anyone needing an insight into the good that engaged students can do should ask Mattie Jerrell.