On this date in 2008, we were preparing for Gustav and also reminded of another storm that we will never forget. As noted in a previous column, here’s an excerpt. “After 48 hours of coverage of this devastating, catastrophic and unfortunate storm, some comments.

The worst-case scenario Monday morning played out to the almost exact expectations of the Hurricane Center in Miami.

Numerous storms have skirted and hit New Orleans, including: the Sept. 22, 1909, hurricane and the Sept. 6, 1948, hurricane. Named storms include Hilda, October 1964; Betsy, Sept. 12, 1965; Fern, September 1971; Bob, July 12, 1979; Juan, Oct. 29, 1985; and Florence, Sept. 9, 1988.

Thanks to all who responded to our coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

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