Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

Send in the King Cakes!

We received 476 deliciously creative entries this week! With everything from wacky word plays to funny dog treat concepts to just plain hilarious off-the-wall punch lines. Great stuff!!

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we pick the earliest sent in.

Great job, everyone!!


Mark Barrios, Livonia: (Punch line lettered into word balloon)


Patrick Kraft, New Orleans: “You said you wanted to eat well-rounded meals...”

Jay Dardenne, Baton Rouge: “From now on, I’m only fetching the newspaper.”

Julie Collins, Tallahassee, FL: “This one’s for me – it’s amazing what they can do with rawhide these days.”

Maurice Berthon, Mandeville: "Would you rather be skinny in Kansas?”

John M. Weil, New Orleans: “You haven’t had one in 10 months. It’s worth the weight!”

Fred Watson, Metairie: “Well, well, well…… Look what I found behind your ‘Nutrisystem’!”

Rick Keen, Lafayette: “Down, boy! It’s Carnival time!”

Jackie Harris, New Orleans: “If you let ‘me’ eat the entire King Cake, then your new diet won’t be going to the dogs!!!”

Suzanne Little, Metairie: “Your doctor said you can eat the cake hole… not the whole cake.”

Kye Cantey, Crowley: “Losing weight this year should be a piece of cake.”

Robert Robbins, Baton Rouge: “Don’t eat it. Wear it as a crown.”

Mark Embree, Metairie: “If you eat this entire King Cake, I promise you there are two things you will not see in 2020… your feet!”

Paul Arrigo, Baton Rouge: “Want a treat??? Roll over, boy!!”

John Carlin, Madisonville: “Just eat the middle!”

Ronald Laporte, Sr., New Orleans: “A tough decision to weigh.”

Ron Rossi, Metairie: “Try it – it’s the New Orleans diet.”

Phil Soesbe, Baton Rouge: “It’s ok! The shape of the cake indicates its calorie content.”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette: “Hey, It’s FAT FREE in the center.”

Vince Caruso, Marrero: “In Louisiana, New Year’s resolutions don’t start till after Mardi Gras.”

Leslie Fredotovich, Covington: “Not to worry! They make it with a hole in the middle so the calories leak out, and if you swallow the baby, that counts as roughage!”

Shelly Thompson, Lafayette: “Great news! It’s grapefruit/celery filled.”

Joseph Alvarez, New Orleans: “After you eat it just take me for a long walk.”

Paul R. Kyle, Prairieville: “No need to let this King Cake go to waist.”

Wayne Jamieson, Baton Rouge: “King Cake calories don’t count.”

Deidre Charlot, New Orleans: “Studies show that dog owners live healthier lives when they share King Cakes with their pets.”

Rebecca Stein, New Orleans: “Don’t worry, you can start your diet after Mardi Gras… uh, no, after French Quarter Fest… uh, no, after Jazz Fest… uh, no, never mind.”

Hope your King Cakes are filling, everyone!


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