I met him in February 1977. I was on the job for only eight months at my first station when he saw my work via a talent agency, Reymer-Gersin Associates. Arriving here to visit his station on a beautiful February day, we lunched at Don’s Seafood Restaurant, where he ordered some Louisiana fare that looked like a pile of bait. The value of an interview is learning about the company and being comfortable with the interviewer. In those few hours it seemed I had known him for a long time, returning to a Kansas City snowstorm with hopes that an offer would be extended. Carlton Cremeens had an eye for talent, as I was glad he selected me to work with Jay Young, Brenda Hodge and Jay Townsend.

Goodbye Carlton.

Fastcast: Augustlike.

Isolated showers. Hot, high near 99. Heat index values as high as 111. Rain chance: 20 percent. Tonight: isolated showers before 1 a.m. Low around 78. Calm winds. Rain chance: 20 percent.