A viewer/reader called, inquiring about opening windows in the middle of a tornado to lower the atmospheric pressure. This myth was widely circulated before the 1980s, when the National Weather Service embraced the idea. It was based on the supposition that as extremely low air pressure in the center of a tornado surrounded a structure, the higher internal pressure within the structure would push the building outward. Years ago, rescuers often discovered walls lying on the ground as though they were blown outward with the roof nearby. Wind-tunnel research after the Wichita Falls outbreak in 1979 was the first evidence to negate the “open-window” theory. It also initiated greater emphasis on wind-resistant construction, safe rooms, shelters and not trying to out-run the twister in a car.

Fastcast: Showers.

Scattered showers, mainly after 1 p.m. Partly sunny, high near 94. Southerly winds 5 mph. Rain chance: 50 percent. Tonight: a 20 percent chance of showers before midnight. Low about 74 degrees.