Walt Handelsman: New Caption Contest Winners!

Extra Special!

We received 142 entries in this special session cartoon contest. Government budget issues are always tough to turn into interesting or funny cartoons. But--- Once again you folks have risen to the challenge. Nice work!

The winner and finalists are:


Dennis M. Maciasz, CPA, Zachary (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Terry Riendeau, Gonzales: “QUICK, GEORGE, before they can invent the Louisiana ATM tax.”

Philip Pusateri, Metairie: “That headline isn’t referring to the Legislature, Fred… It’s describing how long it takes you to use an ATM!”

Kye Cantey, Crowley: “Be sure to get enough to cover moving expenses!”

Ron Rossi, Metairie: “Instead of taking our money through taxes, maybe they should sell the 46 tons of Mardi Gras beads from the New Orleans catch basins.”

Dave Delgado, New Orleans: “I’d hate to be the newspaper writer who has to come up with a new angle on that old story!”

Lynn Bourgeois, Baton Rouge: “What makes them think this one’s going to be so special?”

Martha Landrum, New Orleans: “Looks like a different kind of hold-up!”


Impressive job, everyone!

~ Walt


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