Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

Irreconcilable Differences!

We had 546 entries in this week’s BIG GAME caption contest! I had a feeling this one would strike a chord with Tiger fans and these were really great! So, enjoy game day, have fun reading these hilarious captions and GEAUX TIGERS!!!

As always when we have duplicate entries (and we do every time) we pick the earliest sent in and best worded for the cartoon image.

Great job, everyone!!


Eloise Nelson, Baton Rouge: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Louis Aubert, New Orleans: “Let me guess! One of you is for Edwards and the other is for Rispone!!!”

Kenny Mathews, Mandeville: “Let’s start small. Can we agree that you BOTH hate Auburn?”

Amelia Cave, Baton Rouge: “With all this butting heads, I see why helmets are so important in football.”

Michael K. O’Hara, Mandeville: “Was the entire congregation asleep when the priest asked, ‘If anyone knows of any reason these two should not be wed, let him speak now or forever hold his peace’?”

Greg Johnson, Jefferson: “I was NOT taking sides! ‘Let’s talk about the elephant in the room’ is just an expression!!”

Adele Jacobsen, Baton Rouge: “Can y’all read the sign? I am a Marriage Counselor not a Divorce Attorney.”

Bonnie Steen, Metairie: “I’ll need to add combat pay for this session!”

David Prados, Metairie: “I know opposites attract, but this is ridiculous!”

Donna Reuter, Metairie: “I’m going to start charging y’all double during football season.”

Todd Macaluso, Kenner: “Tua trained eye, this marriage is on Burrowed time!”

Pitot Huard, Metairie: “My next couch needs to be a sectional.”

Rick Davis, New Orleans: “Let’s compromise. Let’s all root for Tulane.”

Charles B. Marshall, Metairie: “Can we please stop referring to this session as a ‘sudden death playoff’?”

Anna Barreneche, Prairieville: “Maybe we should just build a wall!”

Jay Dardenne, Baton Rouge: “PUNT!!!!!”

Kathy Mayeux, Denham Springs: “Whoa! Time out! Let’s not get ourselves into a ‘no call’ situation here!”

Darell Byrd, Baton Rouge: “I need a longer couch!”

Michael Oncale, Marrero: “And on top of this, you’re a Who Dat and he’s a Dirty Bird!!!”

Sheila LaBorde, Metairie: “Thank goodness the kids are Saints fans!”

Barbara Polikoff, Metairie: “Don’t kill the umpire!!”

David Delgado, New Orleans: “It’s first down, and already I need to punt.”

Madison Roy, Greenwell Springs: “Maybe date night on Saturday isn’t a good idea…”

John A. Hanley, Baton Rouge: “How ‘bout them Saints?!”

Michael Chafetz, New Orleans: “For the last time, I will NOT referee you two while you watch the game!”

Jeanne Labat, Metairie: “I guess a group hug is out of the question?”

Well done, folks! – Walt

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