We rather liked having an extra hour of sleep when daylight-saving time concluded on the first Sunday in November.

The official falling back of the clock by an hour was a nice windfall on a Sunday morning, especially after a festive Saturday night marked by LSU’s victory over Alabama in a much-promoted football contest.

Sleeping in is a special pleasure in autumn, when the weather chills and lying beneath a large quilt or blanket feels particularly good. Pushing the clock back an hour also reminded us that time can be the best gift of all. We like to savor small windfalls of it whenever we can.

Meanwhile, the hectic holidays loom. Time already seems to be accelerating as we look toward Thanksgiving, the holiday shopping season, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

All the more reason, we say, to welcome those rare times when one can look at a clock and feel with relief that the day is actually younger than we thought it was.