You might have noticed that occasionally we pause in our consideration of Major World Issues to attempt to inject a bit of humor into this column.

Some of the stories make me smile; some make me chuckle; some make me grimace.

But few make me laugh out loud, to the extent that my nearby colleagues question my mental stability — even more than usual.

Here’s one, from Charles Roppolo Sr., that triggered guffaws:

“A few years back, my daughter-in-law was at my house visiting.

“It was time for her to feed her newborn baby, our grandson, so she proceeded to breast-feed him.

“Our good friend’s grandchild, who was then 4 years old, came over for a visit.

“She sat there amazed and trying to figure out what was going on.

“Seeing the puzzled look on the child’s face, my daughter-in-law explained that she was feeding her baby some milk for breakfast.

“After studying the situation intently for a few moments, the child asked, ‘What’s in the other one, orange juice?’ ”

Have it his way

Ernie Gremillion says our mention of Lea’s restaurant in Lecompte and its colorful owner, the late Lea Johnson, reminded him of this story:

“Years ago, I was temporarily working in Alexandria, and a friend told of going to Lea’s with a group to get their signature ham sandwiches.

“Mr. Lea himself took their order, and when my friend asked him to skip the mayo, Mr. Lea went into a long explanation that all of his sandwiches came with mayo, and that he would enjoy it more with mayo on it.

“The friend was finally able to convince Mr. Lea that because he had a stomach condition to skip the mayo.

“When the check came, all the sandwiches were at the regular price except his, which had a $3 extra charge for a ‘special order sandwich.’ ”

Cooking country

Jacqueline L. LaValley says, “In answer to the quest of Roy C. Eure, seeking a soul/country down-home cooking establishment:

“He should try LeBeau’s Cajun Café, on La. 44 in Gonzales — the best down-home cooking I ever tasted.”

And owner Jacey S. Waguespack says the Mission Street Café, off Interstate 10 exit 73 in Geismar, offers menu items ranging from fried chicken and shrimp étouffée to cornbread dressing and bread pudding with rum sauce.

Precarious parenting

Sarah Stravinska, of Chestnut, says our recent story of the exchange between Winston Churchill and George Bernard Shaw “reminded me of the one between the free-spirited dancer, Isadora Duncan, and Shaw.

“Duncan had approached Shaw with the proposal that he father a child with her.

“’With your brains and my body, think what a fabulous child it would be!’ declared Isadora.

“’But my dear,’ answered Shaw, ‘what if it has your brains and my body?’”

Picture that

The “Portraits of Love” project that runs until Dec. 31 “aims to provide 10,000 deployed military troops with free family portraits in time for the holidays.”

It is a project of PMDA, the PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Assn.

For information go to

Worthy causes

Brian Marshall, CEO of the Capital Area Transit System, says CATS employees will donate eight barrels of food that they collected to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank at a 10 a.m. ceremony Thursday at the CATS terminal on Florida Boulevard.

Special People Dept.

• Beverly Beasley celebrates her 90th birthday Thursday.

• Gordon “Curly” and Rae Q. Tullier, of Port Allen, celebrated their 60th anniversary Monday.

Volume control

Algie Petrere passes along this story:

“While talking with my semideaf uncle one evening, I noticed that his ‘hearing aid’ was actually an earphone from a transistor radio.

“The wire had been cut and was sticking out of his shirt.

“’How does that help your hearing?’ I asked.

“’Don’t help my hearing none,’ he replied. ‘Makes people talk louder.’”

Ticket, please…

Montie Mitchell says, “My grandson, Kody Mitchell, asked me if the policeman writing a ticket on the side of the road was writing tickets to the LSU football game.

“I told him no, but I wish he were, because I would try to do something to get his attention!”