Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

‘Tis the Season!

Our last Cartoon Caption Contest of 2019 brought in 224 entries! It was a toughie, but you still managed to send in lots of very creative punchlines and a great winning entry.

Great job, everyone!!


Hal Levy, Baton Rouge: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Tim Johnson, Baton Rouge: “Al Copeland always made this look so fun and easy!”

Laura Jayne, New Orleans: “BACON! As much bacon as you want all year if you GO GET MOM NOW.”

Al Seicshnaydre, Metairie: “What are you laughing for, who’s gonna feed you tonight??”

Christina Gerarve, New Orleans: “Don’t just sit there! Go fetch the eggnog!”

Virginia Dirks, Baton Rouge : “And Dad hung from the roof with care, in hopes that the EMS soon would be there.”

Kristina Murphy, Baton Rouge: “You picked a FINE time to adjust the satellite antenna.”

Ivy Mathieu, LaPlace: “Hey, I like hanging around the house during the holidays!”

Sherrie Holliday, Metairie: “Get me down, LSU comes on December 28th!”

Adele Jacobsen, Baton Rouge: “I guess this is what I get for trying to be like Clark Griswold!”

Charles Salemi, Brusly: “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get down!”

Eloise Nelson, Baton Rouge: “I never thought I’d be thankful for tangled Christmas lights.”

Kristopher Cushing, Portland, Oregon: “I know I fell off the, ‘ruff ruff ruff’, now go git some real help, Lassie!!”

Maury Berthon, Mandeville: “Don’t just sit there. Go get Joe Burrow. He can do anything.”

David Palmisano, Marrero: “Now I understand why some people leave these things up year round!”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette: “What do you mean you see one bulb that’s not very bright?”

Bob Wisekal Baton Rouge: “I keep on telling you I am not a porch pirate!”

Look for the full page of all of our 2019 contest winners coming up on December 26th.

Congrats to all of our winners, finalists and everyone who entered in 2019. If you weren’t a winner or finalist this year don’t get discouraged… 2020 might just be YOUR year!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


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