Walt Handelsman: Cartoon Caption contest Winners!

Measuring the River

We had 281 entries in this week’s caption contest with plenty of clever stuff! Lots of folks went with turtle soup jokes, as our winner did. We had several shell puns and a nicely placed jab at the Army Corps of Engineers and the National Weather Service. Well played, everyone!

(As always, when we have duplicate entries, we pick the earliest sent in.)

Just a quick reminder to please include your home address and phone number with your punch lines. We had several nice entries this time that couldn’t be used because that info was missing.

 Here are this week’s winner and finalists.


John Glenn (Former New Orleanian) Tyler, TX: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Joseph Guidry, Lafayette: “Lucky our homes float!”

Anne Crow, New Orleans: “Let’s get the ‘shell’ out of here!!!”

Lynn Bourgeois, Baton Rouge: “High doesn’t always mean dry.”

A.J. Friedman, MD, New Orleans: “It measures the percentage of correct predictions for the Army Corps of Engineers and the National Weather Service.”

Brett Berard, Lafayette: “It looks like we’re gonna need a taller gauge.”

Kevin Denoux, Baton Rouge: “There goes the neighborhood.”

Terrific job! -- Walt

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