What major national figure would come to mind if you read these two words — amoral man-child — being used to describe him or her?

When I read it on a recent social media post, I said, “That’s him. That’s him.” The “him” is Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

If Bob Dylan can win the Nobel Prize for literature, then the person who made the two-word description of Trump should win the Pulitzer Prize for commentary.

The spot-on description came after recent revelations that Trump, yukking it up years ago with a TV show host, was recorded bragging that he liked to force himself on beautiful women. He added that because of his celebrity, he could grab women by the genitals. I am paraphrasing because his actual comments shouldn't be in a family newspaper. Both Trump and the TV show host laughed like sick frat boys.

I grew up in one of the toughest parts of Baton Rouge and have heard just about everything, but even I had to respond, “Say whaaaaat?” to the grab comment.

But wait. There is competition for the Pulitzer commentary: the editorial writer for Christianity Today, a widely read Illinois-based white Evangelical audience magazine. Trump has said he has a great following — huuuuge numbers — among evangelicals.

He can probably strike Christianity Today’s Executive Editor Andy Crouch from that number. He wrote of Trump:

“He wantonly celebrates strongmen and takes every opportunity to humiliate and demean the vulnerable. He shows no curiosity or capacity to learn … He is the very embodiment of what the Bible calls a fool.”

That, as the young folks say, is “drop the mic,” quality stuff. What else is there to say? Trump, who likes to sue and threaten lawsuits against media outlets that report ill of him, has not mentioned Christianity Today. Trump has described his awful comments made during the taped conversation as locker room banter.

I have been in locker rooms since I was a too-skinny, too-short sixth grade basketball player, and on into my adulthood. I have never heard the "grab" line. My goodness. And, believe me, I am no prude. I have also been in barbershops where some of the talk can get lewd and crude, and I have never come across that one.

Yeah, men do talk about “alleged” sexual conquests or discuss what a female looks like and a few other things. But, never has it nose-dived into the gutter where Trump went. Trump-talk can help you soar to the top of the Raunchy Talk Hall of Fame.

Since hearing Trump’s comments, I asked a couple of my friends if I had missed something when we were growing up. Did we ever say anything about the possibility of sexually assaulting someone?

They, too, were stunned by the "grabbing" comment. After hearing all of Trump’s anti-women, anti-Muslim, anti-people with disabilities, and so on, comments, I think the Republicans' Grand Poohbah, Ronald Reagan, would say derisively to him, “There you go again.”

By now you get the idea that I am not a big Trump supporter. For that matter, I am barely above lukewarm in my support of severely flawed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. But, if one chooses for her to win on Nov. 8, and it will be tight race to the end, Trump must stay in the race. All talk of Trump getting out of the race must cease, no matter what new slimy stuff we hear about him.

He must reach the finish line, even if he is an “amoral man-child” and the biblical description of a “fool.”

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