Danny McCormick

State Rep. Danny McCormick, R-Oil City, put together a protest to Gov. John Bel Edwards extension on Monday of a "stay at home" directive aimed at lowering the spread of the coronavirus. About 250 people attended the Saturday, May 2, 2020 rally.

More and more these days, you just have to stop and wonder. You have to scratch your head when listening to some of the stuff rolling out of the mouths of some people. I’ve been dealing with a lot of that recently.

Most of it centers around the restlessness over the precautions taken to keep people alive in this fight against the deadly COVID-19. Stay indoors as much as possible. Don’t gather in large groups. Wear masks. Certain businesses had to close to keep the coronavirus from spreading.

Tough measures, but this is a deadly disease. As of this writing, some 1.25 million people have gotten COVID-19 and 74,665 have died, mostly in the past two months. In Louisiana, there were 29,673 cases and 1,991 deaths.

As the threat of sickness and death continue to swirl, the drumbeat of those comments that make you pause has increased and gotten louder.

Folks are saying the government is interfering in their lives by trying to force them to wear masks. The government shouldn’t make me wear one to slow the spread of the virus. I have every right to pass it on to other people.

The Constitution, some of them say, gives them the right to do whatever they want. Here is my semi-automatic weapon to prove it.

Well, alright then. Let’s take the government out of their lives altogether. Why don’t we rip up those stripes on the streets and highways? The government shouldn’t be telling folks where to drive their vehicles.

And, while we’re at it, let’s tell the government to get rid of those nagging speed limits and bothersome stop signs. Because, there they go again, telling me how fast I should drive and when to stop when I don’t want to.

Why should we have to adhere to drive-slower signs near schools? Why is the government trying to intrude on my pleasure while driving? Are they out there trying to save lives? Look there are going to be some people who are going to die in traffic accidents anyway. There is no proof that any of this will reduce the numbers.

And, this COVID-19 thing is all overblown. I know for a fact that some government officials are juicing the numbers trying to make the virus seem worse than the flu. It’s some kind of government plot to control us. People die all the time. Are we going to stop people from driving cars because people die in car accidents?

Now I have something to say to those folks who spout things like this and the “overstepping government” talk while disparaging of the real, deadly consequences of COVID-19.

So, when a vaccine is developed, I wonder how fast those complainers and naysayers will run to get in line. I wonder if they would be willing to pass up work or close down their business to stand in line to get a shot?

I wonder if the naysayers about the disease will turn away from the shot for themselves, spouses and children?

I wonder if some of those gun-toting, military-garbed folk will shed their attire to stand in line.

Or will they come rolling into town carrying their semi-automatic weapons to use as intimidation to march to the head of the line?

We witness across the country the folk who want the economy to be wide open and rolling, even under the threat that such a move could cause a second spike in infections and deaths.

I wonder if they, in whatever city and state they live, will bear the blame this fall when their favorite college and professional football teams won’t be able to play home games, or play not at all. I guess they will blame the government because they must stay home and hear “Neck” on their playlist.

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