President Donald Trump talks to the media before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House, Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) ORG XMIT: DCEV201

In a few days, we will be tossing 2018 out with the trash and will be opening the door to 2019. The start of a new year is always exciting as we wonder what will these new days bring.

For some, when the page is turned on this year, they will promise to eat wiser, lose weight, treat their fellow man better, visit their parents more often, call their friends, build something, or tear something down.

I know some of the changes I will be making. One of them deals with the elected (not in the popular vote though) leader of the country, President Donald J. Trump.

Some folks believe that pointing out the inconsistencies (many are lies) that he tells is a blatant attack on the presidency. Pointing out his lies, err inconsistencies, err alternative facts, is an un-American act violating some code of honor that has never been openly discussed by anyone I know.

So, here’s the deal. Here is my pledge for 2019.

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I will no longer point out that he may have fudged on the bone spur diagnosis and the multiple deferments he got that kept him out of the service of our country, even though he played several sports in high school and college.

I won't bring it up again that Trump questioned, without a scintilla of proof, the legitimacy of former President Barack Obama's birth certificate, and in doing so suggested he was not a U.S. citizen and not qualified to president. He finally had to eat his words, but he would not man up and apologize.

And, just like that, I won’t bring up again that he said that there are some good people among a group of Nazis and White Supremacists. Even though these groups hate people just because of their religion or race and encourage violence against these people.

Nope, I won’t bring up the fact that Trump, who went to expensive and exclusive schools and claims to be well-educated, inferred that black abolitionist Fredrick Douglass was alive even though he would be over 200 years old.

I won’t bring up again that the President said, as the world watched, he would own a government shutdown if he didn’t get Congress to OK billions of dollars to build his big beautiful wall along southern border of the U.S.

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There would be no need for me to bring up truth that the president had signed onto a budget then reneged on the deal after he was blasted by conservative radio and TV talk show folk.

And, in the New Year, why would I pile onto this situation that the president told many of his screaming admirers that he would make Mexico pay for a border wall. Especially now when the president has abandoned that claim and now wants me, you and all those panting supporters to fork over billions in taxpayer dollars for his beautiful wall.

What’s the point of mentioning again that the President used the term “rat” to describe an associate who started telling stuff about Trump to federal prosecutors. “Rat” is a term in the mob world that refers to someone telling the truth about misdeeds of a mobster associate to law enforcement. What could a “rat” say that could be proved about an innocent guy?

It would do no one any good to bring up the president’s embarrassing performance when he stood side-by-side with Russian leader (and U.S. election thief) Vladimir Putin.

I won’t use the word “spineless” in the new year to refer to Republicans who don’t have the gumption to stand up for the truth or stand up to the president. Truthfully, I might violate that one because the word is so apropos.

The truth is the president lies so often that there will be many more pants-on-fire statements from him in 2019. The Washington Post, which tracks both false and misleading claims by the president, has him zooming past 6,400 such statement since his inauguration.

I wonder how Trump’s supporters would feel about their personal physician consistently lying to them like that. Or, how about their financial adviser fibbing so much to them.

Looking toward 2019, there is no telling how bad will the lies will be. It would be amazing if he put me and others in our places with a rash of truths in 2019. It would be awesome for the president to be forthright and truthful. Wouldn’t that be stunning? We can all hope, but, alas, it won’t happen.

His supporters will gleefully support the lies and will continue to attack anyone who proves he is lying. They will also accept our country’s melting stature around the world.

Yep, there will be enough lies, half-truths and shameful incidents to go around in 2019. We can hope for better. Yes, we can hope.

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